The 4 Most Embarrassing Things People Post on Their Instagram Feed

There's sort of an unwritten set of guidelines when it comes to Instagram–engage with your friends' posts, follow your friends back, tag everyone in the photos you post, and so on.

Well, there are also rules that apply to the content you post on your feed. Sure, in theory, you can post whatever you want, but there are a few types of photos that you'd be smarter to avoid.

Below, we're detailing the most four most embarrassing things people post on their Instagram feeds.

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Super Up-Close Photos

We're all for a details shot, especially of a great necklace, bag or shoes, but super up-close shots of the face are not that pleasing to see. If you want to show off something like a new nose piercing, there are more stylish ways to share with your followers than an up close shot of your nostril, you feel us?


The Unnecessary Selfie

We're all for selfies when you're feeling yourself. We're also all about sharing and self expression on the 'gram. But a series of selfies (unless you're vying to be a beauty blogger) can come off a little narcissistic, especially if they're for no apparent reason. Wearing a new bold lip? Perfect, share away, along with the product details so all your friends can snag it, too. But just snapping random mediocre selfies and posting them feels a little too self-righteous, and your followers most likely won't engage much with it either.


Blurry Photos

It's 2019, you guys. Our cell phones are more powerful and precise than the digital cameras your older siblings and parents had to trudge around. And let's not even get started on disposable cameras which gave you literally no clue how the photo would turn out. There's no excuse for a blurry shot! Not only can you evaluate and re-take—a modern luxury that's only been around for the past 15 years or so—your cell phone is an incredible photo-taking tool. Make sure your lens is clean and fingerprint-free, hold steady and click away.

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Poor Quality Photos

Rifting off of the above, there's no excuse for poor quality photos either. If it's dark, use a flash, turn on a light, do whatever you need to get the job done—but don't waste time posting a poor quality photo because it just makes you look silly and as if you didn't have anything better to post.


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