Instagram's New Mute Feature Is Exactly What You've Been Wishing For

All of us have them: people we follow on Instagram whose posts we don't actually want to see. When you can't unfollow someone for whatever reason, you end up suffering in silence, even as their posts constantly clutter your feed.

Well, friends, suffer no more: Instagram has unveiled its mute feature. The social media site began its rollout Tuesday, finally giving us the option to hide posts from certain accounts. Those users' posts will still be viewable from their profile pages, but you won't have to see them unless you seek them out. Best of all, they won't even know you muted them.


(via Instagram)

There are multiple ways to mute someone, but one easy option is accessible right from your feed. As soon as you spot a post from someone you want to mute, all you have to do is tap the "" that appears at the top left of their post. A menu will pop up, and "mute" will appear in it, right below "unfollow." Once you select it, Instagram will ask you to confirm that you do indeed want to mute them, giving you the option to either hide only their posts or both their posts and Insta stories. You just have to choose, and voilà, the deed will be done.


(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


Muting can always be undone, so if you change your mind, Instagram has an unmute option as well. In the meantime, enjoy your more tailored feed.


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