9 Instagram Photos You Need to Take Before Summer Is Over

Chances are, you had grandiose plans for a killer Instagram feed this summer.

Between trips with the family, hanging out by the pool or beach with friends, and exploring the outdoors with your sibling or BFF, the opportunities to get the perfect Instagram shot seemed endless and the prospect for an on-point feed was high.

That was, until summer actually happened. You don't have to tell us that getting the shot takes a lot of work. Whether you were too busy having an epic time and forgot to snag a pic, or haven't made it out of the house much thanks to Netflix, have no fear—there's still time to up your feed. Below, the nine Instagram shots you need to take before summer is over.

An Awesome Hair-Only Picture

Sweaty and makeup-free after a long day in the sun? No prob! This summer was all about effortlessly awesome hair shots. All you really need to make this happen is a cool outfit or background… and if you happen to find a sudden gust of wind, consider it an added bonus. Otherwise, flick your hair around like Beyoncé and have your friend click away.

sunset s

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The prettiest sunset boat ride last night ???? #montanaparty

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The Sunset Selfie

There's a reason why you see so many bloggers snapping pics as the sun goes down–it's called magic hour for a reason. It's the time of day when you will definitely look your best, thanks to the natural and flattering lighting, aka the ultimate selfie lighting. If you have a rooftop or a balcony, that will work best! But you can always just head outdoors and face the sun for the perfect end-of-summer photo opp.

Brought the mustard and ketchup combo to the #montanaparty ????❤️???? wearing @storets and @narsissist in Dragon girl

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Of all the sunsets I've seen, this was definitely top five ???? #mmworldtour???? #jetaporter #malliouhanafan

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A Water Shot

One scroll through Instagram and it feels like everyone you know follow is permanently on vacation. Even if you haven't been able to escape for a family trip, you can still get the look and feel by getting that water shot. Sure, a lake or ocean works well, but you can also get the same effect at a pool or even a kiddie pool. It's all about the angles after all ????.

Summer fruit & summer stripes. ???? #revolveinthehamptons

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Classic Festival Shot

Okay, we know the whole lying down in a circle with your friends, overhead shot thing has been done many-a-time before, namely at music festivals like Coachella. But, we love the idea of grabbing your girls and updating this classic festival shot with a cute prop, like flowers.


Kitchen Hits

Perhaps you like to stay in and try new recipes—why not show them off? Whether you prefer to cook or bake, artfully show off your new creations with the perfectly set picture. And do your friends a solid by sharing the recipe in the caption!


Flora and Fauna

Nothing breaks up a feed better than plants! If you feel like your feed is getting a bit human heavy (sounds weird, but you know what we're talking about when you have 3+ photos of yourself in a row), throw up a picture of a plant that grows in your area. Palm trees, cacti, dandelions—anything works! The more seasonal to summer, the better.

Double the love. ???????? #LA

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Unreal hydrangeas ????

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New Summer Accessories

Did you snag a cute bag this summer? How about some pretty new flats or a bikini? It's not too late to show them off. All you need is a little creative direction to get the perfect, bohemian shot.


The Outdoor Warrior

There's still enough time to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. Whether that's a rigorous hike or a walk around the block is entirely up to you. All we're asking is that you document the action. Extra points if you have a pet.

When you realize that life is a dream within a dream ✨???? ????@Elizabethmcnamara

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Something With a Jump

Because was it ever really summer if you didn't get at least one jumping photo? We think not.


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