How to Take Instagram Pictures in Public Without Being Awkward

Curating content for your Insta isn't easy.

Seriously, there's a lot that goes into taking the perfect picture. Lighting, facial expression, outfit and pose all have to be on point. Then, there's the whole business of finding the perfect location. And unfortunately, the ideal spot is often right in the middle of a public space.

If you're not someone who adopts a "do it for the 'gram" mentality, but you still want some cute pics, we might be able to help. Keep scrolling for our tips on how to take Instagram pictures in public without being awkward.

Choose a Natural Pose

We've all seen those people. The ones who are obviously taking an Instagram pic, so they're crouched down, smizing, twisting their body and generally looking a little ridiculous. If you want to avoid the awkward stares, opt for a more natural pose. Playing with your sunglasses, facing the camera straight on, even doing a little fake laugh are all good options. You might feel a little uncomfortable, but it's doubtful you'll garner much attention for simply standing normally for a photo.


Be Willing to Adjust to Your Surroundings

The truth is, if you're taking pictures in a public place, you have to be willing to adjust to your surroundings a bit. We've all seen the pics of our fave influencers standing in the middle of the street to grab that perfect shot, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should do the same. Not only is it dangerous, it's also quite rude to the cars and other people around you. Plus, it's very unlikely that you'll get a good enough solo shot to actually use on the 'gram. You might be convinced you found the perfect location, but if you've already tried to get the shot a few times and just can't manage, move on. There will always be more chances for pictures, we promise.


Watch Your Space

In addition to being cognizant of your surroundings, be aware of the amount of space you're taking up. People are generally pretty polite when it comes to pictures. But if you're attempting to block off an entire walkway for one photo, you can pretty much guarantee those around you are going to get annoyed. Not only that, it also draws a lot of attention to what you're doing. Talk about uncomfortable. If you're in public, opt for a closer picture that doesn't require a lot of space. If you want the background, take a vertical photo that captures a slimmer area. You'll avoid making people angry, and you'll feel a lot less awkward in the process.

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Get Action Photos

Finally, Instagram aesthetics actually come in handy. Action shots can look really pretty, if done correctly. If you want to speed-up the picture-taking process without feeling awkward, try an action shot. Walk a little slower, position your head where you would like and don't make any sudden movements. In addition, instruct the person taking the photo to take a burst shot—that way, you can go through each frame later and choose the one that works best. It'll still be obvious you're taking a picture, but it can result in a really cool photo that wasn't too uncomfortable to capture.


Be Confident

When it comes to taking pictures in public, the best advice we can give is to simply be confident. Sure, you need to be polite and respectful to the people around you, but you also shouldn't feel weird for snapping a few cute photos of yourself. People can sense your tension and worry, which will likely draw more uncomfortable stares. The more confident you are, the less people around you will feel like something weird is going on. Plus, you'll probably get that picture perfect shot faster than ever and be able to move right along.


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