6 Ways to Instantly Make Your Room More Insta-Worthy

Your bedroom should always be the place of your dreams (literally and figuratively).

If you're serious about upping your Instagram game and need a few tips on making your bedroom as vibrant as it can be, we got you. These awesome items will do all the work for you at a reasonable price. Scroll through and make the magic happen!

1. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows with fun sayings are eye-catching and take normally snooze-worthy sheet sets to a whole new level. Find a few colorful display pillows or grab a few of THESE with your own custom phrases on them.

Throw pillows

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2. Colorful Furniture Pieces

Adding a pop of color to your bedroom in the form of big or small furniture pieces can make all the difference. THESE will be a little bit of a splurge, but completely worth it when you see how much more photogenic everything looks.

Colorful chairs

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3. Bookcase Display

Showcase your taste with a uniquely decorated bookcase. THIS can end up being the true centerpiece of a fabulous bedroom. Fill it up with all your fave stories, trinkets and more so people can get a sense of what you're all about. Decorated bookcases look best against a minimal style room so if you plan on doing this, we recommend simple wall décor and neutral colors for all other room items.

Bookcase display

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4. Decorative Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest room of them all? You do, of course! Wall displays are just as important as furniture placement when it comes to making your space picture-perfect. Throw up a few of THESE decorative mirrors for extra pizzazz.

Decorative mirrors

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5. Plant Life

Let's be real, plant life instantly brightens up any room. They add an ambience to a space, and depending on what you choose to display, they look super cute in pictures. THESE will look best in windowsills, on desks or even hanging from the walls if you can manage it.

Plant display hangers

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6. Natural Lighting

As you've probably heard, taking a good picture is all about lighting. If you don't have a whole lot of natural light in your room, never fear. Natural light lamps like THESE are readily available for purchase. This will help brighten your space and give your pic the dreamy quality you're seeking. String lights also look fantastic for taking photos at night.

Natural light lamp

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Making your room worthy of the 'gram just means you're all about the good vibes. Get even more positive energy flowing with THESE rose-quartz items.