Instagram's #StyleChallenge Hashtag Puts Spotlight on Artists' Coolest Designs

We troll the Explore tab on Instagram far more often than any normal person should.

But the great thing about that is we come across amazing nuggets like the #StyleChallenge created by Insta user @beautifulness87.

Artists from around the world draw caricatures in their style and then sketch that same cartoon in a variety of styles from popular TV shows. We want to share some of our fave submissions for your viewing pleasure, so keep scrolling to see them all.


1. This artist nailed Ariana Grande. And how cute does Ari look as a Powerpuff Girl?!

2. You best believe we had to include this very pink work of art once we stumbled upon it.

Updated #stylechallenge, a little shading goes a long way ????

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3. Is it just us, or does this creation look like a grown up version of Lizzie McGuire?

so #stylechallenge became a thing, so here's my take on it????

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4. Nobody rocks the space buns quite like this chica.

I really loved the idea to do the #stylechallenge I got a lot of requests to do it!!✨ here's mine!! < inspo: @beautifulness87 > I really did my best but these drawings are very small ????✨

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5. OMG, these sweet caricatures are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.


6. Awww, throwback to The Wild Thornberrys. We miss that show!

This way better #stylechallenge #wildthornberrys

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7. We're really digging the violet hair color this masterpiece is rocking. If only we were brave enough to do the same.

This was so much fun to do ???????? #stylechallenge #mystylechallenge

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8. Can you believe one person drew all of these? There's definitely some black magic at play here.


9. This one may be a little bit simpler than all the others, but it certainly goes above and beyond with its amount of detail.

The #stylechallenge is defenately my new favourite #drawingchallenge ???????? #drawing#draw#drawings#art#artist#challenge#disney#phineasandferb#gravityfalls#adventuretime#sketch#sketching#doodle#doodeling#follow4follow#fanart#bluehair#hair#style#artshelp#artshare#artsharing#shareart#mizu_art#mizu_arts_help#arts

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10. These delightful drawings are too precious for this world.


11. Last, but certainly not least, shoutout once again to @beautifulness87 for bringing this challenge into the world.


Hopefully these artists have inspired you to unearth the Picasso within yourself. If you need a little help, we suggest getting your start on Disney Art Academy and HERE's why.