Summer Vacation Instagram Post Clichés You MUST Avoid

What's the point of summer vacation if  you're not posting about your envy-inducing escapades on Insta?

While you most definitely need to show off those sandy shores, sunny backdrops and hotel rooms that look straight out of a magazine, there are also some posts you can do without, to prevent yourself from looking like every other person on the 'gram.

Want to know where to steer clear? Keep reading for summer vacation Instagram post clichés you must avoid!

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Airplane Wings

Listen, we all love a good travel shot but under no circumstances should you photograph airplane wings from your seat. It will be even worse if you use that picture to kick off your vacation posts. Try having a family member shoot you in your cute airport outfit. Upload a funny quip about you waiting in line to board the plane—anything but this generic post.

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Hand on Waist OOTD

We all love flaunting our cool, new outfits on Instagram, and #OOTD posts can help us do just that. Before you upload your very own outfit snap, stop and check your hand placement. Is it on your hip? Similar to how starlets pose on the red carpet? If so, delete! delete! delete! We've seen that pose a million times. This time, try something fun like an #OOTD post of you laying down as you kick up your legs. Another idea is to have somebody snap you as you slowly approach a landmark, let them capture your natural walking motion.

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Everybody Looking at the Camera

Instead of having everybody look at the camera like lemmings, try snapping a few spontaneous pictures. Capture a thinking moment or snap a picture right after a joke. Having everybody stare at the camera while somebody says "cheese" is tired, and won't get you as many likes as a good old spontaneous pic.


Heart-Shaped Hands

There is no bigger Insta cliché than making your hands create a heart, and having a landmark peek through the negative space. Whatever you do, refrain from this basic post and try to come up with something a bit more creative!


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