4 Ways We Use Instagram to Our Benefit When the App Has Us Feeling Down

We know as well as anyone that Instagram can be a dark place.

Looking at people's enviable vacations, bikini-clad photoshoots, seemingly perfect relationships and more is enough to make anyone crazy. It's an embellished, competitive world out there, and sometimes we feel like we're drowning in it.

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But when times get tough, instead of deleting the app or dwelling on the negatives, we've taken an upbeat approach, and have figured out ways to make the most out of Insta.

Keep reading for four ways we use Instagram to our advantage if the app has us feeling down:


1. Show Off Passions and Skills

Maybe there's a hidden skill that's been burning inside of you, one you've already established, or maybe you want to learn something new—whatever the case, showcase your efforts like we do (for better or worse) on IG.

Not only is it fun to post things you're passionate about, but it adds dimension to your personality (online and otherwise). You may not only unexpectedly connect with people who have similar interests, but posting like this will show off a different side to your current followers.

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2. Start a Self-Branding Routine

Developing a personal brand has nothing to do with your follower count. It has to do with signature things you do or say that set you apart from everyone else. Subtly claim ownership over something so that when people think of it, they automatically think of you.

For example, if you're obsessed with coffee, post a shot of you with a different mug each morning before you leave the house for the day. If you love Beyoncé, post a fierce Bey quote whenever you're about to embark on something important. If you're obsessed with cars, post your favorites every time you see one on the road and provide a fun fact about each.

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3. Connect With Acquaintances

One of the interesting parts of IG is that not all your IRL close friends are the people you actively communicate with on the app, and not everyone you communicate with on the app are people you hang out with IRL. That's what makes it so fun! Don't be afraid to reply to an acquaintance's Story if it's something that piques your interest. Sometimes these online friendships can be just as fulfilling, just in totally different ways.

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4. Avoid Boredom by Posting Engaging Stories

Whenever we're having a dull or lonely day and we crave some kind of human interaction, we don't sit around and mope—we post an engaging Insta Story. Whether it's a funny screenshot from a meme or website, a poll, a question, something random we found in our room, or a flattering shot that's sure to turn heads, it's a relief to know that, while not a perfect substitute for IRL human interaction, a pick-me-up can be just a post away.

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