The 8 Most Insta-Worthy High School Campuses in America

We totally get the importance of making jaws drop over our Instagram posts. This is why each week, we're scouring the app far and wide to bring you the most Insta-worthy photo opps in America that you can totally duplicate. Come back every Friday for additional IG inspo!


When it comes to attending college, part of our decision-making process is based on what the campus looks like. But when it comes to high school, we're pretty much stuck with whatever's closest to where we live.

That said, even if your high school isn't exactly made for Instagram, that doesn't mean you can't check out these other campuses across America that totally are!

Scroll below for a few stunning high school campuses that are 100% worth the road trip:

Stadium High School – Tacoma, Washington

Forget getting an education here—we want to live in this castle of a high school. Can you say Hogwarts?


George Washington High School – San Francisco, California

With that insane view of the Golden Gate Bridge, this is hands-down one of the most picturesque spots in San Francisco. Add it to your sightseeing list next time you're in town or you're doing it wrong.


Chandler High School – Chandler, Arizona

Grecian style pillars and desert skies make this a more-than-ideal photo opp if you're road tripping to the Grand Canyon.


Little Rock Central High School – Little Rock, Arkansas

An important site during the civil rights movement, this historic high school is one you must visit at some point in your life. It's almost hard to believe its a high school with how truly incredible it looks from the outside.


East High School – Denver, Colorado

When we hear the words East High School, all we can think of is our favorite Disney Channel musical, but the IRL version of this place is even more gorgeous. Complete with a clock tower, we feel like we've been transported to another time.

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President William McKinley High School – Honolulu, Hawaii

This classic-looking campus makes the list for its mission-style vibes all set to the backdrop of beautiful, breezy Hawaii.

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Lake Forest High School – Lake Forest, Illinois

Make a stop at Lake Forest High just for the serious greenery surrounding it. It's straight out of The Secret Garden and we're not even mad about it.

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duPont Manual High School – Louisville, Kentucky

The main building of this school is where you want to snap all your photos. Grand-looking with a perfectly manicured lawn, you're guaranteed a shot worthy of the 'gram.

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