The Divergent Saga Continues In New Insurgent Trailer!

The first full-length Insurgent trailer reveals that the upcoming film will have even more action, intrigue and mystery than the film that came before it!insurgent trailer tris and four

In the Divergent sequel, we see Jeanine with a strange machine, marked with the symbols of each faction. We discover that she uses it to test Divergents, and that only one can open it. She soon comes to believe that Tris must be the one!

Meanwhile, Tris and Four are on the run from Jeanine, along with others who have been forced to leave their factions. They soon combine their strengths with the factionless to create a group strong enough to combat Jeanine's evil forces.

The upcoming movie will also see the return of Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort and the rest of our favorite Divergent stars. It hits theaters March 20, 2015!

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