How to Set Intentions Using Healing Crystals

We at Sweety High incorporate healing crystals into many of our practices.

We've used healing crystals to cleanse our energy, open up our chakras and provide intuitive guidance. And now we know you can use these powerful stones to set intentions.

Different types of crystals stacked on shelves

Our pal Jenny Deveau, a Crystal & Sound Healer at Venice, California's Mystic Journey Crystals, graciously broke down all the steps that go into using crystals to achieve what it is you set out to do–whether that be for the day, the week, the month, year or more.

"Crystals have a naturally balanced and harmonious energy," Jenny tells Sweety High. "When you work with a crystal, you can start to feel this energy. Crystals can be programmed with intentions, and this will strengthen your ability to manifest those intentions."

Keep reading for Jenny's powerful, five-step process for setting intentions using healing crystals.

Step 1: Choose Your Crystals

Choosing crystals to energize your intentions can be done in a number of ways. In addition to studying the metaphysical properties of crystals, you can use your intuition to select the stones that work for you. If you are naturally drawn to a particular crystal, that can indicate an energy that might be helpful for you. You can also close your eyes and let your intuition guide you to the crystal that's right for you.


(Photo courtesy of Jenny Deveau)


Step 2: Cleanse Your Crystals

Wash your chosen crystals under running water. A faucet, stream or gentle waterfall works perfectly. The ocean is also a powerful place to cleanse your crystals.


(Photo courtesy of Jenny Deveau)


Step 3: Smudge Your Crystals

After cleansing, it's important to clear your crystals of any previous energy, so they can work with your specific energy and intentions. Using a lit sage stick with a dish underneath to catch the ashes, carefully pass your crystals through the smoke to clear the energy. Intend for your crystals to be clear of any negative energy. In addition to sage, you may also use palo santo, an aromatic wood from South America, or copal, a powerful resin.


(Photo courtesy of Jenny Deveau)


Step 4: Charge Your Crystals

Set your crystals outside on a natural surface, preferably in the moonlight. A selenite log, a highly cleansing stone, works great! If you cannot leave your crystals out overnight, place them in a window that gets direct light. Bring your crystals in the next morning.


(Photo courtesy of Jenny Deveau)


Step 5: Program Your Crystals

Program each crystal with a particular intention. Based on the different energies on each stone, you may have specific intentions for each.

For example:

*black tourmaline to clear away any negative thoughts
*citrine to enhance my sense of happiness and joy
*rose quartz to bring in love and support my relationships
*amethyst for enhancing my intuitive abilities
*celestite to discover my life's purpose

Holding each crystal, close your eyes and thank your crystal for helping you. Take three deep breaths and repeat your intention three times out loud, then again silently, in your mind, while you meditate on your intention. Close the ritual with a blessing to Mother Earth, and gratitude to the crystals for helping you stay focused on love, peace and happiness, for the greatest good of all.


(Photo courtesy Madison Farrish @madfarrish)


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