International Day Of the Girl Is Today!

Today, Friday October 11, is the GLI International Day of the Girl! International Day Of the Girl is dedicated to celebrating girl power all around the world!International Day Of the Girl
Today is the 11th and final themed Day of Action for this year, and the day of the International Day Of the Girl Summit!

The International Day of the Girl Summit works to bring together girls and the organizations that empower them! Last year was the first summit, which involved more than 3500 people from 26 countries together

It's not too late to think about and discuss the missions of the previous days!

  • Day 1: Tell the U.N. Your Ideas
  • Day 2: Take the Girls Coalition Challenge
  • Day 3: Help Girls Achieve their Dreams
  • Day 4: Help Make a List of Gender Equal Media Choices
  • Day 5: How Are You the Day Of the Girl?
  • Day 6: Name a Shero
  • Day 7: Finish the Phrase "Because I Am a Girl…"
  • Day 8: How would you deal with disaster?
  • Day 9: Spark Says Strike a Pose
  • Day 10: Girls Learn International
  • Day 11: Day Of the Girl Summit Webcast


The Girls Coalition Challenge asks girls to take one of 11 challenges. It starts by teaching girls to compliment each other based on their skills, knowledge and kindness instead of looks or clothes. It also discusses making education a priority, helping others, and being creative!

Girls Learn International asks girls why it's important to have a Day Of the Girl! Why do you think they do?

We love the new phrase "shero" for a female hero! Who's yours? Join us at Sweety High and tell us about your favorite Shero!