All the Brands and Products Our Dogs Are LOVING This International Dog Day

When I first caught wind that International Dog Day was Aug. 26, I got very excited.

Not only did it seem like the perfect opportunity to spoil the family dog, Horace, but we also recently introduced two new pups—Magnus and Hilda—to the family, who also deserve some extra love and attention on this special day. To celebrate, I've rounded up all of the awesome doggy brands and products my puppies are drooling over at the moment (and I think your dogs are going to love them, too).

Barkbox: $23 to $35 per month

Barkbox is the premier subscription box for dogs, and for good reason. Their monthly, highly curated dog boxes (each featuring two unique toys, two all-natural bags of dog treats and a chew) fit each month's theme, and they're sure to put a smile on your dog's face.

Bark Box barkfast in bed

(via Barkbox)

When you sign up, Barkbox asks for your dog's name, sex, size and breed (if applicable), plus their birthday so they can know exactly what kind of goodies to send your dog. They even ask about dietary options, including whether you don't want chicken, turkey or beef to be included. From there, they send you size- and breed-appropriate toys and treats for your dog.

I  asked for a large box for the big dog, Horace, and received a "Barkfast in Bed" box complete with a crinkly plushie Puppy Side Up Eggs, a "Sloppay Latte" plushie coffee cup and a plush Sploot Loops cereal box, plus two bags of meaty treats—one in lamb and one in beef—and a nice chew stick. Horace immediately started going to town on the Sloppay Latte, loving the squeaker inside.

horace biting sloppay latte

And even though the egg toy is designed for bigger dogs, the littler pups loved it, too. In fact, all three wanted to get in on the action! The dogs also love the beef and lamb treats. Puppies Magnus and Hilda are both eager to sit on command for a little piece, while Horace will perform all kinds of tricks to get his treats.

puppies playing with puppy side up egg toy

Curious? If you subscribe for a year, you can have a Barkbox delivered to your door for $23 a month. You can also commit for six months at $26 a box, or buy single boxes for $35 each.


DIPHDA Collar, Leash & Slider Kit: $133.33

DIPHDA is a brand specializing in gorgeous wearable accessories for both dogs and their humans, and is known for the fashionable metal sliders, which can be used to accessorize the brand's dog collars. DIPHDA was kind enough to send me their "Love 3 Pack" collar, leash and slider kit in a lush Rose Quartz color, and it is gorgeous.

diphda rose gold collar leash slider collection

(via DIPHDA)

But if you think it looks cute online, you have to see it on little Hilda. The vegan-friendly cork "leather" looks and feels just like the real thing, and while Hilda isn't quite old enough (or vaccinated enough) to be going out on walks, this leash has still served us well during training sessions, and we can't wait to get even more use out of it as she ages up.

Hilda in diphda collar and leash


Fable The Game: $55

We've used wobbling KONG feeders at home before, but they're way too easy for our big dog, Horace. He'very food-driven, and it's usually not too long before he's worked every last piece out of them. But when Fable sent me their The Game toy, I discovered that it's quite different. This 2.2 lb. toy holds up to a cup and a half of food and requires very specific manipulation to dispense it, with motion that activates dogs' prey drive and keeps them extra entertained while they eat. It also has multiple complexity settings, so you can make it harder or easier for your dog to get their food out depending on their ability or how quickly you want them to "win"—and did I mention it'way quieter than the competition? Horace will play with this one for up to 20 minutes, and usually, by then he hasn't even gotten close to getting all of the food inside. We love that it's tougher and keeps him busy and exercised.

Fable: The Game dog toy

(via Fable)


My Medic Pet Medic Kit: $24.95

Are you prepared in the case of your doggy getting hurt on a walk? If not, we can't recommend My Medic Pet Medic med pack enough. This compact and portable kit includes three packs of antibiotic ointment, compression bandage wrap, a pair of tweezers, two non-adherent pads, two antiseptic first aid wipes, two antimicrobial hand wipes, four gauze pads, two pads of gauze roll, four diphenhydramine antihistamine packets, a slip leash and a digital download for a pet first aid guide. We haven't had to use it just yet, but we can rest assured that it's only an arm's length away if an emergency happens.

My Medic pet medic kit

(via My Medic)


Super Ruff GroovyToob: $24.99

Toys with loud squeakers can be fun, but they can also be super annoying—and not all that good for your dogs' sensitive ears. Super Ruff has made a unique toy called the GroovyToob that tackles this problem elegantly, and they sent me a few for my dogs to try for themselves. Not only is this chew toy ultra hardy and able to withstand even Horace's heavy chewing, but it's got a special type of squeaker inside. It'barely perceptible to the human ear, but loud and clear for dogs, and it mimics the sound of real rodents to keep your dogs entertained for ages.

SuperRuff GroovyToob

(via Super Ruff)

Horace loves chomping down on this tough toy, not only to work through his desire to chew but also because he's so curious about the sound coming from the inside. While the toy is still a little big for the puppies, Magnus and Hilda, they still love rolling it around and leaping at it, wondering what exactly is happening in its interior.

Horace the Boston terrier chewing groovytoob


PupLid: $14.95 to $17.95

There are few things cuter than tiny dogs in adorable outfits, and PupLid's trucker hats for dogs are no exception. Their cotton and polyester hats have holes for the ears and strap on to the chin for extra security, and no one will be able to resist coming over to pet your dog when they're wearing one of these.

puplid in small and extra small

(via PupLid)

While the XS version of the hats that the brand sent me are still a little too big for my own pups, it won't be too long before they grow into them. Even with the too-large size, they stayed on without a problem—and who can resist this face?

Magnus the boston terrier in blue puplid


Sassy Woof Barkday Box: $69.99

Sassy Woof's Barkday Box is designed specifically for celebrating your dogs' birthdays, and while we don't have a dog birthday coming up any time soon, Magnus and Hilda were born less than three months ago, so we might as well celebrate their zero birthday! The Barkdoy Box featured a balloon-filled bday bandana available from extra small to large, plus a rope leash in your choice of one of 25 colors. There's also a birthday cupcake squeaky toy, a bag of Bocce's dog treats and a rainbow peanut butter dog cookie to commemorate the big day.

sassy woof barkday box

(via Sassy Woof)


Sweet Paws: $12

If your dogs are teething, you know how frustrating and painful the situation can be for them—and how destructive they can be if you don't redirect that chewing to the right toys. Sweet Paws makes food-grade silicone teething rings in 21 different colors that can be worn around your wrist, giving you an easy way to passively help them chew and relieve pain.


sweet paws puppy teether

(via Sweet Paws)

While the two Sweet Paws rings I was sent do fit around my wrist, it is a bit of a tight squeeze, and I'm relatively petite, so people with bigger hands may have trouble using these precisely as advertised, However they are great for kids, and you can always simply hold them while your puppies chew, or let them chew alone during playtime.  My puppies aren't quite getting their adult teeth yet, but Magnus here still loves chewing on these—and when they do start their second round of teething, I think these will be extremely helpful. Even Horace likes to give them a tug, and he's a full-grown dog!

magnus chewing on sweet paws


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