The 3 Types of Internet Girls and What They Represent

TikTok has created a whole new brand of girl.

Actually, let us correct that—brands of girls. As the app rises in popularity, trends are emerging that delineate one group from another. TikTok is basically recreating high school cliques in an online forum. Suffice it to say, our heads are spinning from the results.

So what are these new types of girls? Keep scrolling for our definition of e-girl, soft girl and VSCO girl, and what each of these social media trends represents.


E-Girls are basically the emo kids reincarnated for an online generation. It's just a shortened version of the name "electronic girl," which is fitting since e-girls spend a lot of time on the Internet. E-girls can be found on Twitch, Instagram, Discord and TikTok, where they post frequently about video games, memes and anime. E-girls typical dye their hair in crazy colors and sport bold makeup, occasionally embracing hearts and faux freckles drawn on their face. Band T-shirts or Urban Outfitters apparel layered over a long-sleeve striped shirt are their typical outfits of choice.

E-girls represent a quirky outlook on life. They put lots of effort into their appearance, but they like to stray outside the typical fashion norms and create their own loud and proud looks. They march to the beat of their own drum and they're unwilling to conform to the more accepted way of doing things. Because of their unique look and behavior, they've slowly been more and more popular.


Soft Girl

Next, we have the soft girl. Known for their chilled-out nature, soft girls are basically the polar opposite of e-girls. Where e-girls are loud, proud and ready for attention, soft girls are often known for being shy and timid. They wear lots of blush—that's kind of their main thing. In fact, their makeup often tries to replicate a baby doll-type of appearance. And that sentiment pretty much applies to the rest of their vibe. They're drawn to pastel colors, oversized tops, cutesy designs and anything else that communicates their sweet, approachable nature.

Soft girls are known for being really nice. Although they're a little shy at times, they generally want to be liked, so they'll pull themselves together and be friendly when necessary. Thankfully, it's easy to like these girls. They're cute, sweet and endearing. Although they're less confident than the other internet girls, they're still pretty comfortable in their skin and definitely proud of their aesthetic.

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Ah, the VSCO girl—do they really need any explanation at this point? The name comes from the VSCO editing app, even though the actual girls have little to do with the application. VSCO girls represent a colorful, beachy lifestyle full of self-love and respect for the planet. They embrace the basic things in life, including Vans, Birkenstocks and Brandy Melville crop tops. You'll often find them carrying about their Hydro Flask and Fjällräven Kånken backpacks while wearing Pura Vida bracelets.

With their minimal makeup, messy hair, and oversized clothes, VSCO girls are basically the new version of a hipster, but slightly less annoying because they're self-aware. They realize what people think of them—they just don't care. Most importantly, VSCO girls are all about the positive vibes. They're comfortable with who they are and they just want everyone else to feel the same way. Truthfully, we could all use a little bit of a VSCO girl outlook.

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