The Best Free Study Hacks You Can Find Online

Who hasn't opened their laptop to work on an English essay, only to wind up browsing through memes and funny dog pictures?

If your grades are taking a dip because you keep getting distracted online, it's time to get focused.

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Keep scrolling for hacks to stay on track and get your work done!

Use the textbook + "filetype:pdf" trick

If you've ever experienced the panic of realizing you forgot your textbook in your locker, you'll love this hack! Type the name of your textbook and "filetype:pdf" into Google to see if there's a .pdf version of your book online. Say goodbye to getting to school an hour early to catch up on your homework.


Temporarily Block Distracting Websites

Sure, it's easy enough to open your computer and open a new Word document, but do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook before you know it? You can buckle down and temporarily block any websites that may distract you with extensions like Stay Focusd. Choose the amount of time and which websites you want block and say hello to your long-lost productivity.

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Create Digital Flashcards

Save time and paper by using a website like Quizlet or Cram to quickly make digital flashcards that you can save and use to quiz yourself. Some sites even allow you to share your flashcards with friends. See? You're on your way to being the best study buddy ever.


Use Grammarly as a Proofreader

Even the biggest grammar expert occasionally mixes up how to use "accept" and "except," so download the free extension Grammarly to review your paper for common spelling and grammar mistakes. Get ready to watch your grades skyrocket.

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Use Split Tabs to Organize Lots of Information

Split Tabs is a free Google extension that helps you organize multiple tabs so you can easily see and scroll through them. This is a great extension when you have a big term paper due and need to see lots of documents at once.


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