How to Land Your Dream Internship This Summer

Landing a dream internship is no easy feat but it can most certainly be accomplished if you follow some quick and easy tips.

With summer on the horizon, there is no better time to start that internship search! Read on for a step-by-step guide to nailing your dream summer internship.

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1. Find Something You Are Passionate About

This piece of advice seems a bit cliché, as everybody always says that you should pick a job you like. That being said, not everybody has a Vogue office in their hometown or a music studio around the corner. When you don't live in a major city, exciting opportunities may seem like they are few and far between. This is where you need to sit down and evaluate what your town has to offer. If you are passionate about TV or movies but don't live in L.A. or N.Y., research your local news station. Write them and ask about their internship program. Getting a job with them on your resume will make you more likely to be noticed by MTV or Sony Pictures down the line.

Love makeup but don't have any beauty companies nearby? Consider a remote internship. Write to your favorite makeup vloggers, ask if they are looking for hardworking interns. Let them know that you can make yourself available remotely. Don't let your geography dictate what your resume will look like. Get creative and land something that will be stepping stone for a larger, more exciting opportunity.


2. Follow Up, Follow Up and Then Follow Up Again

Don't be discouraged if your initial email or phone call goes unanswered. The people you are reaching out to have dozens of day-to-day responsibilities, it's easy for an email to get lost. Follow up, then follow up again if you haven't heard back. There is no shame in expressing how excited you are about the possibility of working for their organization.

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3. Dress To Impress

In life, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. This is especially true for job interviews. Always plan your outfit the day before and try it on for comfort. There is nothing worse than being nervous about an interview and uncomfortable. Pick something formal even if the company you are meeting with has a laidback dress code. You want to show how serious you are about the opportunity being offered and dressing the part is a good first impression.


4. Always Send a Memorable Post-Interview Thank-You

Potential employees look for small signals that let them know you will be a good, detail-oriented employee. In the age of email, a handwritten thank you note will always do the trick. Make sure to address one or two things that were discussed during the interview. For example, if you were asked about your extracurricular activities during your interview, the note can detail how you enjoyed talking about your tennis team and how you led the team during the current championship. A humble-brag is most definitely accepted in this note.

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5. Don't Be Discouraged by Menial Tasks

Internships are a way of exploring a particular career and getting your feet wet. Don't be discouraged if part of the internship description mentions that you will be the office coffee runner. Everybody has to start somewhere, and if you perform even the smaller tasks with enthusiasm, your superiors will notice. In no time, they start upgrading your responsibilities!

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