Interspecies Friends, German Shepherd and Baby Goat!

Shadow the German Shepherd and this baby goat are unlikely interspecies friends

Shadow the German Shepherd is super protective of this baby pygmy goat, and the goat seems to think that Shadow is her mommy. What cute interspecies friends!

Unusual animal friendships happen all the time. When videos of a hippo and tortoise pair of best friends became all the rage on the internet, cynics did their best to try to disprove the story- but it was true! The pair lived on a wildlife refuge in Kenya.

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It doesn't get much cuter than interspecies friendships. This link has 40 adorable photos of animals with unlikely BFFs, from a mouse piggybacking on a frog, to a chimp hugging a baby white tiger, to a duck hitching a ride on the back of a cow fording a river.
"What is it that so appeals to us about implausible animal cooperation?" asked New York Times writer Sarah Ellis. "We humans seem to have a great hunger for the wolf to dwell with the lamb. Is this a vision of paradise? An alternative to our deep-seated fear that we are all either predator or prey? Whatever is at work, it is evident that we find stories of interspecies relationships deeply satisfying…"