Juliet Simms Expects a Deeper 'Connection' With Fans, Following Her From the Grave EP Release

Get ready world, because singer and songwriter Juliet Simms is back and stronger than ever with her new EP From the Grave.

Dropping on July 15 (yes, that's tomorrow!), Juliet's new record gets real about life and the ups and downs we all experience. Sweety High was lucky enough to chat with the rocker about why this EP means so much to her, the best advice she's received and the one makeup product she never leaves the house without. Can you guess what it is? You'll have to keep scrolling to find out.

Juliet Simms From the Grave EP polaroid photo in yellow tint

(Photo Credit: Lizzy Gonzalez)

Sweety High: If you could sum up your new EP From the Grave in three emojis, which ones would they be?

Juliet Simms: ????, ???? and ????


SH: Do you have a favorite song off your new EP?

JS: It depends on my mood. If I'm in a dancey mood, "Get Ready" or "Say Hello" are my favorites in that moment. I really do love "Phoenix" though.


SH: What makes this EP in particular so special to you?

JS: These are a collection of songs that I wrote over a period of time that meant a lot to me. They were just sitting there and I didn't want them to not get the light of day that I felt they deserved. I wanted to put something together to give to my fans.


SH: Is it difficult to share personal aspects of your life through your songs?

JS: It always felt very natural. It's my outlet. It's almost easier for me to communicate through a song than to talk about it. What I always hope to get out of it is a connection with another person and possibly help them get through whatever they're going through.


SH: What's the piece of advice you've received while working in the music industry?

JS: You hear a lot of advice. Some of it you should listen to and some of it you definitely shouldn't. My advice is to find your own voice. You do that by writing your own original material. What you need to do is focus all of your energy not on learning covers, but on writing your own songs.


Juliet Simms polaroid photo shoot

(Photo Credit: Lizzy Gonzalez)


SH: Which female artists really inspire you to do what you're doing now?

JS: A lot of them came from the '70s, '80s and '90s. I'd say Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, The Wilson Sisters, from Heart, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morissette, just so many amazing women.


SH: How do you deal with writer's block when you're songwriting?

JS: Put down the pen. Go outside. Get some space. When you're writing, it's very internal and you almost have to introvert. You have to get out of your head and reverse that flow.


SH: Which one instrument do you think every aspiring musician should know how to play?

JS: Guitar or piano. I started on piano and because I knew how to play it, it helped me understand guitar a lot better.


SH: What's the one makeup product you never leave the house without?

JS: Honestly, it's so simple, tinted SPF. If you throw on that, mascara and, like, a lip, you can get away without having to do anything other than that.


SH: You are a very straightforward person, so what's your advice for a girl who wants to tell a guy she has a crush on him?

JS: Have confidence and know that you're amazing. Don't be afraid of him rejecting you. Just be like "Hey, I think you're dope. I think you're cute. I just wanted to let you know." Then walk away with a strut.


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