Everything You Wanted to Know About 'UP and DOWN' Artist INTO1 RIKIMARU

INTO1 RIKIMARU may be best known as a member of the multi-national Chinese boy band INTO1, but the singer-songwriter, choreographer and producer's solo efforts are also turning heads, and for good reason.

On Feb. 17, the Japanese artist released his new solo single, "UP and DOWN," performed in Chinese and incorporating traditional instruments with a heavy, modern beat to create something fully unforgettable. INTO1 RIKIMARU not only co-wrote the song, following the ups and downs of life, and how both are necessary for living the full human experience, but also self-produced it. He's also a celebrated choreographer who's worked with some of the best K-pop artists in the world, including BoA, SHINee, NCT127 and Red Velvet, and choreographed the bold moves showcased in the "UP and DOWN" video. He's truly one to watch, and if you're curious about the star, keep reading to discover everything he shared about himself as our latest Man Crush Monday.

INTO1 Rikimaru
(Photo credit: Avex Entertainment)

Name: Chikada Rikimaru

Hometown: Earth

Birthday: November 2

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

1. INTO1 RIKIMARU truly can't pick a favorite between Marvel and DC.

"I love all fantasy."



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2. His go-to Starbucks drink is a Vanilla Ice Frappuccino with chocolate chips.

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3. He thinks he'd be terrible at interviewing and shooting vlogs as a full-time job.

4. He's closer to his family than anyone else in the world.


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5. His best school subject was probably English, while his worst subjects were math and history.

6. If he could live in any decade, he wouldn't travel to the past, but explore the mysteries of the future.

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7. His favorite dessert in the world is a dreamy, decadent Mont-Blanc—a Parisian chestnut dessert resembling a mountain capped with snow.

8. His weirdest habit is that he's a short sleeper.


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9. His mom is his biggest hero.

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10. What's the one thing that Rikumaru wants his fans to know about who he is at his core?

"Maybe I am from another planet? Haha, I'm just kidding. I won't make a decision about what my fans should think about my core, because people believe what they believe in. I leave it all to the fans to decide."



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