5 Ways to Intuitively Know When Your Crush Is Thinking of You

If you don't believe that people can share psychic and spiritual connections, then this probably isn't the article for you.

But if you do think there are ways to connect with the world around you beyond your five senses, you're in exactly the right place. Wondering whether there's a psychic way to know if your crush is thinking about you? Look out for these five intuitive signs.

You Can't Stop Sneezing

Do you ever sneeze out of the blue, even when you haven't otherwise been feeling sniffly? Some people believe that this is a sign that someone is thinking or talking about you. So if you're in good health but can't stop sneezing, it just might mean that someone special is thinking about you a lot.


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Your Ears Are Burning

If you do something silly or embarrassing, it makes sense that there might be a rush of blood to your ears, but if your ears start burning for no reason, it's possible there's another reason behind it. Ancient Romans tied the phenomenon to gossip. They believed that if someone's talking about you, your ears might feel hot or ring. The left ear might signify negative gossip, but if it's your right ear, your crush just might be gushing about you to their friends.


You Get Sudden Goosebumps

Some people believe in "spiritual chills," often accompanied by goosebumps, which are the result of psychic phenomena rather than anything physical. If you randomly get a chill, even if you aren't cold or sick, it may be one of these experiences. They might signify that you're doing the right thing or that you've stumbled upon some kind of truth, or even that someone has you in their heart and that you need to pursue your feelings for them.

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Your Mood Changes Suddenly

Everyone has some degree of empathy, but many people with metaphysical beliefs think that some people are empaths with a special ability to feel the emotions of others. If you're one of these people, you might suddenly feel happy when your crush is thinking good thoughts about you, or feel sad out of nowhere if they're missing you. If you're used to your feelings changing a lot throughout the day, it might not mean anything, but if this isn't used to you, it just might signify something more.


You Simply Feel It

Some people believe in clairsentience, or the psychic ability to sense the feelings of others, no matter how well they're hidden. This can also include putting your feeling out there for people to pick up. If you believe in that kind of thing, it stands to reason that if your crush it thinking about you, you might be able to pick up on those strong positive feelings, or they might be able to send vibes that you can easily sense.

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