8 Inventive Dresses Made Out of Unusual Materials

A dress made out of the usual fabric materials? So basic.

More and more, we've seen stunning gowns crafted out of impractical items. From Taco Bell wrappers to caution tape, these eight outfits prove you can assemble fashionable attire out of almost anything these days.


1. Taco Bell Wrappers Dress

Give us Taco Bell anything and we're all for it. It's hard to believe this outrageously uh-mazing dress is made out of taco wrappers and hot sauce packets.


2. Acrylic Nails Dresses

We know you're probably thinking that there's no way these dresses are all made out of fake nails, but in fact they are. Insane!

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3. Toilet Paper Dress

Just, how?! Sorry mom, but we're going to be needing all the toilet paper in the house so we can recreate this piece ourselves.


4. Duct Tape Dress

How one crafts a gorgeous monarch butterfly prom dress simply by using duct tape is a mystery that will never be solved.


5. Newspaper Dress

Any Disney princess would be lucky to wear this outfit, especially considering it puts Tinker Bell to shame.


6. Trash Bag Dress

If you can make a trash bag look glamorous, you can rule the world.


7. Caution Tape Dress

Doesn't this dress just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside with its vibrant yellow color?


8. Coffee Filter Dress

Not only do coffee filters aid in the brewing process of coffee (aka liquid life), but they can be used to produce high fashion garments.


There's no denying that these dresses are eye-catching, but if you're looking for something a little more practical to wear that still has the same effect, try THESE Sailor Moon-inspired garments.