Invisible By Hunter Hayes Discusses Bullying

Hunter Hayes debuted a brand new song called Invisible during the Grammys earlier this week, which has sparked interested in the song's lyrics about an outcast trying to fit in.Invisible By Hunter Hayes

"Invisible" is the first single Hunter recorded for his upcoming album, which will be out this May! The song is about issues very close to Hunter, including the desire to fit in, dealing with bullying and accepting who you are.

The song begins…

"Crowded hallways are the loneliest places

For outcasts and rebels

Or anyone who just dares to be different

And you've been trying for so long

To find out where your place is"

Hunter is a self-professed music geek, but he didn't always embrace that side of himself. He was bullied when he was younger, but eventually realized the importance of accepting himself.

"It's about that feeling of disappearing among the crowd, not having a place to fit it, being different," he told

Hunter cowrote the song with Bonnie Baker and Katrina Elam because the trio felt it was important to let others know they should be themselves, and that life gets better if you stick with it.

What do you do to be yourself? Join us at Sweety High to tell us about what you do to rise above it all!