7 Hacks to Avoid Racking Up Your Parents' Cell Phone Bill

Raise your hand if you've ever been in major trouble for racking up your parents' phone bill! ???????? Now, raise your hand if it's because you went over your monthly data allowance. ????????

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We get it, it happens to everyone! And it's tough to avoid considering the amount of time we spend scrolling through social media.

Now, thanks to these seven data-saving hacks, we'll make sure it never—or almost never—happens to you again.

Scroll below to start savin' those big bucks.


1. Always Turn on Wi-Fi When Available

A girl on her cell phone connecting to free wi-fi(Photo Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds via Shutterstock)

Wherever you go, whether it be the mall, a local coffee shop or even a friend's house, make sure to always ask for the Wi-Fi connection if it's available! If you're at home, double check (heck, maybe even triple check) that you're connected to your home's Wi-Fi. Free internet is a glorious thing, and you should take advantage of it. Just make sure to turn off your mobile data when you're connected.


2. Figure Out Which Apps Are Sucking Up Your Data

Screen shot of cellular data usage on iphone

The best way to solve any problem, is to get to the root of it. If you have an iPhone, click on the Settings icon and scroll down to where it says Cellular. Once you click on that, you'll be able to see how much data you use on each app. You should disable any apps that you don't typically use outside of a Wi-Fi zone. Instant life saver!


3. Limit Online Streaming or Reduce Streaming Quality

A cell phone with Spotify pulled up on the screen(Photo Credit: George Dolgikh via Shutterstock)

We know it's hard, but try avoiding apps that stream when you're not connected to Wi-Fi. This includes apps like Spotify, Netflix and even YouTube. If you must continue to stream while you're out and about, you may be able to reduce how much data your streaming apps use. In Spotify, you can go to the app's preferences and switch the streaming quality from automatic to normal. At least you'll be saving a li'l bit of data!


4. Preload Data

Screen grabs from a mobile app called Pocket(via Google Play)

If you're really into patrolling the Web for cool stories and news, try preloading stories to your phone before you leave the house. The Pocket app allows you to save stories you want to read later—even when you don't have Wi-Fi. Uh-mazing! Get the app HERE.


5. Change Browser

iPhone on top of a pink iPad case(Photo Credit: Denys Prykhodov via Shutterstock)

If at all possible, try opting for the mobile version of your fave websites rather than the app versions. They usually load much faster and use less data. ????????


6. Get Data Alerts

iPhone screen for checking cellular data usage The best way to prevent going over data is to monitor it! Luckily for you, it's super easy to do. Simply click on the Settings icon, click on Cellular and then scroll down to where it says Cellular Data Usage. It will tell you exactly how much you've used for your current billing cycle. If you monitor it carefully, you can avoid angry parents. ????


7. Limit Video Calls

Video call icon take from Shutterstock(Photo Credit: Naghiyev via Shutterstock)

Lastly, avoid video calls at all cost when you are not connected to Wi-Fi. This is crucial. If you make calls while you are out and about, you'll suck up so much data without even realizing it. Oops. Be wise, girls!


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