These New iOS 10 Features Will Totally Change the Way You Text

iPhone users, if you haven't updated your software to the new iOS 10, you're majorly missing out.

Two girls looking at an iPhone together and laughing

The update is full of amazing new features, but all of our fave upgrades came in the Messages app.

Scroll below to see the seven new iMessage updates that we think justify getting the update ASAP.

1. Your Text Is Automatically Converted to Emojis

Does adding an emoji or two into your text message chain ever slow you down? If so, you'll absolutely love this new feature. Now, whenever you begin to type a word that has an emoji associated with it, it will appear below your text for easy access. Just click on it and the word will automatically be converted into an emoji. Go emoji crazy!

New emoji feature on iOS 10



2. You Can Search for Videos and Gifs Directly Through Messages

Sending gifs and pictures is quite possibly one of the most entertaining things you can do via text—and now you can do it even more efficiently. Click on the the App Store logo directly above the messaging keyboard and then look for the compass logo that says "#images." Click on that and then search for whatever image or subject matter you want to insert into your text chain. Click on the image and press send. It's seriously that easy.

New searchable gif feature on iOS 10


3. You Have the Ability to Draw in iMessage and Create Personalized Texts

If you have an Apple Watch, then you're probably already familiar with its ability to send handwritten notes with the Digital Touch feature. Now, your iPhone has the same capabilities! Click on the icon above the keyboard that has a heart and two fingers. In the feature you can sketch, tap, send your heartbeat and so much more.

New iMessage written notes

If you're interested in sending a personalized message, simply rotate your iPhone horizontally and a white space will appear where you can draw a handwritten note or select from pre-made ones. Amazing, right??

New personalized message feature on iOS10


4.  iMessage Now Has Special Effects

This is probably one of the most notable differences in the iMessage app. When you click and hold the send button, you will be given the option to send your text with a very special effect. You can send your bubble text with four simple animations: "Slam," "Loud," "Gentle" or "Invisible Ink." Slam will slap your text onto your message screen, Loud will have the text bubble shake, Gentle will have your text appear small and subtle and Invisible Ink will have your text appear hidden until you slide your finger over it.

If you want to send a really bold animation, try sending a fullscreen effect. A large animation will appear across the entire screen once you send it. Right now you can send balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks and even a shooting star as a background. It's pretty epic.

iMessage Effects on new iOS 10


5. You Can Play Games

Game-lovers rejoice, this is the feature you've been anxiously awaiting. Games can now be played within iMessage itself. If you click on the App Store button you can search for any game and download it to invite your friends to play with you. Once the game is fully downloaded, tap it inside the iMessage navigation menu to launch it. The game will prompt you to invite the person you're texting to play. Once your friend has downloaded the game, you're ready to play! I recommend Four In A Row as a good game to download first. ????

New games feature in iOS 10

6. Stickers Can Be Added to Text

Stickers are probably one of the silliest additions to the new software. You can download sticker packs (some free, some for purchase) and then insert them in and on your texting conversation. To download stickers, click on the App Store logo, download the package of your choice (Mario Run is pretty great) and then select that sticker package from your navigation window. Click on the sticker you want to add into your conversation and then drag it into your conversation.

New sticker feature on iOS 10


7. You Can React to Messages

This cool new feature is equivalent to Facebook's "liking" system. You can now respond to a text simply by reacting with either a heart, a thumbs up or down, a "ha ha," an exclamation mark or a question mark. To use this, double tap the message you want to respond to and click and release the action you want to use. How cool is it that you can answer a text without having to type anything?

React to iMessage feature on new iOS 10


All these amazing new features are almost as amazing as the brand new iPhone 7. Are you planning on getting it? If so, you'll have to deck it out with THESE adorable new cases!