10 High School Struggles that Won't Matter in 10 Years

Some days it seems like we'll never get off the struggle bus en route to high school.

The pressure to succeed academically is just as difficult as the peer-pressure to achieve popularity.

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It can be nearly impossible to imagine a future when all of your current struggles and insecurities don't matter. But the truth is, a lot of the little things causing us stress and sleep deprivation today will only seem like a bad dream 10 years from now.

No matter how important it all feels today, rest assured that these 10 struggles will be totally insignificant in the future.

1. Getting Straight A's

Of course a good GPA is important for getting into the college of your dreams; however, the difference between straight As and all As and a B here and there isn't as major as you think. And truth be told, in the workforce, it's your experience that matters—not your high school GPA. Give yourself a pat on the back for always doing your best and follow it up with some much deserved relaxation. Years from now you'll hardly remember the names of your teachers, let alone the grade you got on that one essay about that one book you read once upon a time.


2. Your Social Media Followers

We are living in a technological age unlike any other, but that doesn't mean you should stress over your followers. Just because your friend has more followers than you does not mean she is more well-liked than you are. People have a certain amount of followers for varying reasons. You should never base your value on a number because what really matters can't be found within an iPhone app.


3. Going Stag to a Dance

I feel like I need a megaphone for this announcement: You do not need a date in order to attend a school dance. Trust me, I've done both and it's actually so much more fun to dance the night away with your squad than to worry over who's going to ask you out. Dates come and go, but friends last a lifetime.

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4. Being Popular

The best part about the future is that there are no standards for popularity. In the real world—as they call it—people are just people, going about their days and living their lives. The freedom from school means that we can all become the people we're meant to be without the pressure of fitting into a clique.


5. Pimples and Braces

I'm sorry to say that pimples and metal mouths are just a part of growing up. Some skin is more sensitive than others, some teeth will need some readjusting, but I promise ten years from now, your coworkers will never be able to tell that you battled with acne or had braces as a teen (especially because chances are, they dealt with those, too!).


6. Having Your First Romance

You have your entire life to find your better half. Spend your high school days making memories with your best friends rather than letting a significant other monopolize your time. There's a first time for everything, but don't stress about this first until the time is right.

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7. Passing Your Driver's Ed Test

Sure, the sooner you pass the sooner you can get behind the wheel. But don't feel any shame in flunking that tricky test once or twice. Driving is a skill and sometimes it takes a little practice to master. Study hard for safety, but don't sweat it if your score comes back below average. Ten years from now when you're driving the car of your dreams, no one will be questioning how many tries it took you to score that coveted license.


8. What Generation iPhone You Have

Big companies like to keep us wanting more so that we buy their products. They put way more importance on material things than they are actually worth. If you're bumming over your last season's iPhone, just remember that the future has unimaginable technology in store. We may not even have handheld phones anymore…who knows?!


9. Getting an Answer Wrong

Raising your hand in class can be terrifying. What's even worse is being called on when you weren't prepared to answer. Try not to let the embarrassment of an incorrect answer outweigh your confidence. The more you try, the more information you'll actually retain, and, in the end, the more you'll learn. Ten years from now, no one will remember the measly question that personally drove you nuts.

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10. Which Classes You Take

High school isn'just about academics. It's totally not worth it to overload your schedule with AP classes that will bog down your social life. When you apply to professional jobs later in life, that really tough and impressive AP Physics-AP English-AP History combo won't even get a glance from potential employers. Don't stress too much about your class schedule because the future won't even notice.


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