Is Selena Gomez On The Run?

Well, not exactly.

But Selena Gomez is putting some of her star power and money into an app called Postcard on the Run.

The app helps users easily print and send postcards of photos they have taken from their iOS and Adriod phones.

We all know how much Selena loves taking pics from her phone, especially since she Instagrams everything! So it totally makes sense that she would be all over this idea!

So how did Selena find out about the app? While she was playing around with her iPhone on tour she stumbled across the app and it was love at first site. She explains how after telling all her friends about it, she emailed the company to see how she could lend a hand in making the app huge!

We love how Selena is dabbling in the world of tech investments. With more than eight million Twitter followers and twenty-five million Facebook "likes" on her FB page, we have a feeling this starlet is going to have a huge influence on the app.

The CEO of Postcards on the Run, Josh Brooks, shares how huge of an impact Selena Gomez has been having on his app. He revealed that just one post on her Facebook wall resulted in 20,000 app downloads in 24 hours. Crazy, right?

Selena is also sending her fans postcards as part of a promotion for the app where the first 25,000 to sign up get one of her snapshots.

So is Gomez planning on becoming a big time investor? "Maybe," she revealed, "but at the moment, I'm good. I don't like overwhelming myself, I like to focus and put my all in, so that's what I'm doing."