Isabel LaRosa Dishes on Her Viral Hit 'i'm yours' and Its Epic Self-Directed Music Video

Since dropping at the end of October, Isabel LaRosa's '"i'm yours" has been streamed more than 9 million times on Spotify alone, and if you've heard it, you already know why it's taking the world by storm.

With its thumping beat, moody and epic '80s-tinged production and lyrics about the rush, as well as doubt, around a new crush, it immediately feels like part of the soundtrack to our lives. Today, Isabel dropped its incredible music video, which she wrote and directed herself in order to bring her personal vision to life, and it's everything we could have dreamed it to be. We had the pleasure of chatting with her about what the song and its new video mean to her, and she shared it all with us in the interview below.

The Story Behind 'i'm yours'

Isabel LaRosa: "i'm yours" is inspired by the feeling of liking someone and being unsure if they feel the same way, but still slowly letting go of your inhibitions.


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What 'i'm yours' Means

IL: "i'm yours" comes from many personal experiences in my hometown, and I hope that those who listen will create their own distinct memories with the song as the soundtrack.


On the Music Video

IL: The music video follows two people in a high-tension situation that eventually leads to them completely letting their guard down and giving into what they want. The video only appears one way in my mind—it feels like if Euphoria and Stranger Things Season 1 were mixed together and put into music video form.


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Isabel's Favorite Lyrics

IL: My favorite lyrics from the song are, "Nervous trip over my words, you're so pretty it hurts," because it feels like a real representation of what young infatuation feels like and how nerve-racking new experiences truly are.


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