Everything You Should Know About Secret Society of Second-Born Royals Actress Isabella Blake-Thomas

Disney+'Secret Society of Second-Born Royals is the ultimate wish-fulfillment story, and we've been obsessed with its release from back in September. You can't blame us for daydreaming about being superheroes and literal royalty.

Of course, it's the film's stars that really bring the story to life, including English actress Isabella Blake-Thomas, as the maybe too positive and excitable Princess January. Keep reading to find out everything you wanted to know about the actress behind January below.

Isabella Blake-Thomas Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Matthias Clamer)

Name: Isabella Rose Merson Blake-Thomas

Hometown: London, England

Birthday: September 21

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. Isabella's favorite color is purple.

"I believe it represents every part of me. It is bold, bright and is great in any situation. I like to think those same qualities apply to me. Purple is also an important color to me because it's very unique and shows how two primary colors can come together to create something beautiful."

-Isabella Blake-Thomas

2. She's always wanted to believe she has magical abilities.

"I once asked my mom why she couldn't have been a real fairy godmother! I believed that magic was totally possible. When I had magic as my character in Once Upon a Time, I was so thrilled."

-Isabella Blake-Thomas

3. She's a super sporty gal.

"I've always played or participated in golf, tennis, horse riding and aerial arts, such as silk, trapeze and hoop. From a young age, I've loved being active. I started horse riding when I was four and fell in love with the connection to such a gorgeous animal. Growing up playing tennis, I would often make obstacle courses using cones and hoops and give myself difficult tennis drills just because I could! I was part of a golf team as well. I performed a huge aerial art routine at the L.A. County Fair once and I really enjoyed performing that to a live audience."

-Isabella Blake-Thomas

5. She couldn't live without Nutella and sweet potato wedges.

"Not together, though, because that wouldn't be the best combo—or would it? Maybe I have to try that now. I absolutely love eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon or a breadstick. I used to have Nutella sandwiches as a snack when I was little. Sweet potato wedges are on that list because I have perfected my homemade recipe and it's delicious. I eat them (or inhale them, as my mum would say due to the speed at which I eat,) with ketchup or homemade guacamole.

-Isabella Blake-Thomas

4. She adores the scent of freshly washed clothes.

"I love the smell of laundry detergent. From a young age, I've always loved walking past laundromats or laundry rooms. There's something about that smell that reminds me of my granny and it makes me smile."

-Isabella Blake-Thomas

5. Her biggest hero is her mum.

"She is a superhero. She's done so much for me and sacrificed a lot so we could create a life in L.A. I love her to pieces and she's my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I would give her everything in the world if I could because boy, does she deserve it. I look up to her in every way. The mother she is, the woman she is and the soul she is. She's beautiful and talented and I admire her so much. She empowers me to be confident, strong and independent. She's the reason I am who I am today. I wouldn't be where I am without her."

-Isabella Blake-Thomas

6. She thinks she'd make a terrible math teacher.

"English and history are my favorite classes. Math is not my strong suit. I love shapes and I don't mind numbers, but then algebra came along and decided to throw variables in there. I said to my math tutor when I was 11, 'Why did they have to put letters into a subject that's numbers?' I can tell you that definitely made her laugh."

-Isabella Blake-Thomas

7. She says she couldn't live without eyebrow gel.

"The people that know me know I love my eyebrows. I'm very proud of them and work very hard at keeping them fancy. I use my brow gel above anything else. My quick and easy makeup routine consists of Benefit brow gel, Maybelline mascara and Nars concealer"

-Isabella Blake-Thomas.

8. It's safe to call Isabella a big collector.

"There are two types of collecting in my mind. One of them is unnecessary collecting, and the other is souvenirs. My unnecessary collection was the pile of receipts I used to have. Someone once told me I'd need them for my taxes, so since then I always kept the receipts—even for something I bought three years ago. It wasn't until my accountant told me that he could just look at my statements that I realized I could stop. My souvenir collections is a good list. I collect snow globes from all the places I've been to and squashed souvenir pennies. My fancy collectible item that I get as a gift to myself in a special place is a Tiffany & Co. charm. Any time my mum and I go somewhere special or new or make an important memory, I get the gift of a charm for my bracelet."

-Isabella Blake-Thomas

9. To Isabella, kindness comes first.

"I'm always positive and kind toward others no matter how they act towards me. I make sure I'm that way with everyone because I never know what someone else is going through in a day to make them act like that and sometimes a smile can change their whole day. I'm very fortunate and proud that the thing people remember about me is my kindness. I'm honored that people think that. The way to do this is to treat others with the respect, love and kindness that you hope they'd give to you."

-Isabella Blake-Thomas


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