Everything You Should Know About Singer-Songwriter Isabella Kay

Singer-songwriter Isabella Kay may be new to the scene, but that doesn't mean she's going to fly under anyone's radars for long.

The "Under Your Skin" artist has a stunning voice as well as a powerful message that simply demands to be shared with the world, and we think she's destined to be the next big thing. Curious about what makes Isabella Kay tick? Keep reading to find out what she revealed to us as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Isabella Kay Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit:  Matt Beard)

Name: Isabella Kay Carlone

Hometown: Maple Valley, Washington

Birthday: October 30

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Fun Facts:

1. One of Isabella's favorite things is finding the perfect funny meme to make friends laugh, especially when they've been feeling down.

2. She has a bit of a crush on Robby from Cobra Kai.

"I love his character."

-Isabella Kay

3. In fact, Cobra Kai is her big Netflix obsession at the moment.

"I just recently binge-watched the whole series! Can't wait for Season 4!"

-Isabella Kay

4.  Her favorite day of the year is the last day of school before summer break.

"I look forward to this day so I can relax, make music and spend time with my family and friends, and camping adventures."

-Isabella Kay

5. She's super into corsets right now.

"I love adding a pop of color to my wardrobe, and a colorful corset is a perfect way of doing that!"

-Isabella Kay

6. She doesn't consider herself a big gamer, and spends most of her time writing and singing music. However, she does occasionally play Minecraft with her little sister.

7. She says she couldn't live without her carrots and hummus.


"I eat this almost daily! It's my go-to snack of choice."

-Isabella Kay

8. Her biggest pet peeve is loud chewing and slurping.

9. She tends to be pretty shy and reserved when she first meets people.


"I have had people assume when they first meet me that my shyness means I'm not as friendly. Once you get to know me, they find I love laughing, joking around and that I have a very playful nature.

I think a lot of times someone who is more reserved can be completely misunderstood. I know from experience that more often than not, that person may just be nervous around people they don't know."

-Isabella Kay

10. Isabella is all about being true to herself.

"I believe in living your best life and being your own kind of beautiful. I try to embrace my own unique qualities, that's what I hope for others as well.

I put a lot of emotion into my songs. Singing for me has been a way of self-expression. I hope to bring my fans into my world and experiences to connect with them."

-Isabella Kay


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