Isla Rose's 'My Adeline' Is All About Protecting Her Younger Self

Here at Sweety High, we're always looking for the next big thing in music, and we think we've found that in Isla Rose.

The London-based singer and songwriter just released her first single, "My Adeline," last month, and it gives us chills with every single listen. We had to know more about the song and its origins, so we sat down with Isla Rose herself. Continue below to find out what she had to say!

The Story Behind 'My Adeline'

"My Adeline" was one of the first songs I began to write and produce. It was written in the summer of 2020, which was the heat of the pandemic. It was a big time of self-reflection for me as time seemed to stop and was the first time I was really able to take a step back and look into my life from where I've been to where I'm at. I started to relive and be haunted by bad moments and tough things I've been through. Some of the things I've been through I feel would be hard for people to understand, so I usually keep it to myself. But sometimes it bottles up, and I need to express it. When feeling this way, I'll go sit at the piano, and it will all come out. This allows me to get it out to someone I feel truly understands me—music.


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What 'My Adeline' Means

In the song, I am singing to "My Adeline." "My Adeline" alludes to a past self—a younger, more naive, innocent me. Now a stronger, wiser and educated version of me is trying to communicate with her to steer her in the right direction and protect her from hurt. I'm trying to tell her I'll be there through it all and will try to keep her strong through the tough times she's facing.


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Isla Rose's Favorite Lyric

I have two favorite lyrics that coincide with each other. The first is, "Some people think I'm better when I'm put behind. Some are happy but then you broke her heart and laughed at when she cried, oo, I believe in you." This lyric is about the people we've all faced in our lives who try to put us down, or take advantage of us and hurt us. It can truly break a heart. This has put me in some low places. But as cliché as it is, I tried to pick myself up and believe in myself through the toughest of times, and continued on. And then my second favorite lyric, "Taking back what's mine," is a reflection of how we grow stronger and wiser through these experiences, giving us the ability to stick up for ourselves and fight back.


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