Israel Johnson Teases More From Noah and 'Sticky Situations' in the New Season of Bunk'd

Another season of Bunk'd has begun on the Disney Channel, and we couldn't be happier to see all of our favorite stars return to the series.

Actor Israel Johnson plays Noah Lambert, himself an actor, who signs up as a counselor at Camp Kikiwaka, despite being completely unqualified, because he appeared in a summer camp film. Noah did a lot of growing over the fourth season of the show, and we can't wait to see him develop further in the new fifth season.

That's why we were so excited when we got the chance to ask Israel about his own experiences with the show, as well as what's next. Keep reading to find out what he had to say.

Sweety High: How excited are you to be back in Bunk'd for another season?

Israel Johnson: I'm so excited! I can't wait for all the viewers to see the fun adventures we go on.

BUNK'D - Disney Channel's "BUNK'D" stars Israel Johnson as Noah. (Disney Channel/Kelsey McNeal)

(Photo credit: Disney Channel/Kelsey McNeal)


SH: How do you feel you've grown as an actor since you started on the show?

IJ: I feel like Bunk'has just taught me so much about landing jokes, comedic timing and so much more.


SH: Anything you can tease about this season?

IJ: There's not much I can say, but just know that Noah gets into a lot of sticky situations.


SH: In what ways are you most similar to your character, Noah?

IJ: Well, Noah and I are both actors and aren't afraid to try new things, and we both live in California.


SH: In what ways are you the most different?

IJ: Noah does a lot of plays and loves Shakespeare, and I guess I've never really gotten into that type of stuff.

BUNK<span class='D - "Squatters' Fights" - When Ava, Destiny, and Gwen discover that the Grizzly cabin has a much larger bathroom than theirs, they hatch a plan to convince the boys to switch. This episode of "BUNK'D" airs Sunday, June 21 (8:00-8:23 P.M. EDT) on Disney Channel. (Disney Channel) RAPHAEL ALEJANDRO, WILL BUIE JR., ISRAEL JOHNSON" width="930" height="523" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-206512" srcset=" 930w, 200w" sizes="(max-width: 709px) 85vw, (max-width: 909px) 67vw, (max-width: 1362px) 62vw, 840px" />

(Bunk'via Disney Channel)


SH: What role does he play in the friend group?

IJ: Noah's the kind of guy to do anything to make his friends happy.


SH: Have you ever been to a summer camp? If so, do you have any favorite stories from the experience?

IJ: I have not been to summer camp, but I would love to go someday.


SH: What's the most valuable life lesson you've learned during your time on the show?

IJ: The most valuable life lesson I've learned on set is to slow down and have patience, because in this day and age, time moves so fast, so I've learned to just take everything in.


SH: How was filming for this season different from the past?

IJ: Well, if you didn't know, we have a new cast member, Trevor Tordjman. He's such a great dude and amazing actor.


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