It Can Wait PSA With Cimorelli!

Cimorelli has joined artists including Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony as ambassadors to the anti-texting and driving campaign, It Can Wait!it can wait cimorelli

Join Cimorelli in the campaign by never texting and driving! It's easy to be tempted to answer a call or a text on the road, but it's dangerous. That's why Cimorelli star in the fun new PSA that includes 5 great ways to ensure that you never have to text and drive!

First of all, take a picture of your BFF, or someone else you care about, and make the photo your lock screen. It'll remind you not to let that person down by texting and driving!

Next, remind yourself with some fierce nail art! Paint Xs on your thumbs, or whichever fingers you prefer. When your hand reaches toward that phone, the Xs on your nails will remind you to wait until after you've finished driving to respond.

The third option is fun and creative! Treat your phone like a little person and buckle them in to one of the back seats of your car. Not only will it stay secure, but it'll be out of your reach, keeping you safe as well!

You can always pause the convo with your friends by texting #x before driving, but why not make it even more fun? Snap a selfie and send it to your friend with the hashtag instead!

Lastly, you can pick a designated texter! Let a trusted passenger read your texts and respond on your behalf, so you can keep your eyes firmly planted on the driving task at hand!

Comment at Sweety High, and on Cimorelli's video, to share your favorite tip from Cimorelli, as well as your favorite ways to never text and drive!

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