The New Blushes From ITEM Beauty Are SO Glowy

Even though I work from home these days and mostly only wear makeup on the weekends, I'm still obsessed with all things beauty.

And when Addison Rae started ITEM Beauty back in 2020, I knew I needed to get my hands on her products. I use her One Hit Setting Spray ($18all of the time and also enjoy Brow Chow ($15), and now, I'm a fan of her new Blushin' Like blushes! The team behind the brand was kind enough to send me all of the shades, and after trying them out for myself, I think everyone should give them a chance. Continue below to learn more about the brand and for my experience with the Blushin' Like blush products.

The Brand

ITEM Beauty is Addison Rae's makeup and skincare brand. And while a lot of celebrity beauty lines simply don't hit the mark, ITEM certainly does. The clean formulas are amazing and the range of products covers all the important categories. I also love that Addison is super involved in the brand. Some celebs seem to just slap their name on a product and call it their own, but Addison takes her time creating, which I seriously appreciate!


(via ITEM Beauty)


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The Blushes

Blushin' Like Cream Blush: $16

The new Blushin' Like Cream Blush comes in five stunning shades: It's Verified (warm nude), Admit It (mauve), Oopsies (Barbie pink), I'm Crushin (poppy pink) and Bad Bleep (berry). The formula is crafted with squalane, which keeps skin hydrated, kiwi seed oil, which gives skin a dewy glow, and cellulose, which makes skin look soft and airbrushed.


(via ITEM Beauty)

I especially love that the formula is clean and cruelty-free. Plus, the formula itself is buildable with light to medium coverage, which is really all you need when it comes to blush. And while the product is said to be a cream, I definitely think it's more of a powder.


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Typically, I prefer liquid blushes, but I wanted to see how Blushin' Like compared, so I applied it in a few different ways. First, I wet a Beauty Blender and dabbed it into the product, then applied it to my face. I found I had to get a lot of the product on my Beauty Blender to really see a difference. Next, I used my fingers, which was probably my least favorite method. It didn't blend out that well and just wasn't amazing.

The best way to apply it, at least in my case, was with a fluffy brush. For this, you can spray your brush with setting powder and then dip it into the product, or, you can use a dry brush and dab your cheek after with a Beauty Blender that's been sprayed in setting spray. I liked this best because it gave off that dewy, glowy look I was after.


(via ITEM Beauty)

And since I like a super bright pink when it comes to blush, Oopsies ended up being my favorite. I also like mixing it with It's Verified for a natural, custom look. The best part about the blush, in my opinion, has to be the formula. And while I wasn't sure I was going to like the consistency at first, I found that it stayed on for hours without the need to reapply. It didn't fall or look greasy and gave my complexion a gorgeous pop of color. I've also used it on top of a liquid blush to set the formula, and the end results were stunning. You can also use it on your lips, but I didn't like how it felt.


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Bottom Line

All in all, I'm a big fan of ITEM Beauty's Blushin' Like blushes. At just $16, they're super affordable and you get your money's worth, and with today's most popular makeup product being blush, I think this purchase is a total no-brainer. I've seen some of my favorite TikTokers use this and just love how it looks in natural sunlight. Plus, with five stunning shades to choose from, anyone can find one that looks perfect on their skin!


(via ITEM Beauty)


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