We Can't Stop Laughing at These Hilarious 'It's Cake' Memes

If July 2020 has taught us one thing, it's that anything and everything might be cake.

All over the internet, people are uploading seemingly normal objects, only to slice into them with a huge, sharp knife to reveal that they're not what you expected, but a moist and delicious-looking cake. This phenomenon might make you question your entire world. If everything you thought you knew can be cake, what can you really trust?

An influx of memes has demonstrated we're not the only ones feeling this way. Keep scrolling to discover some of the funniest memes we've seen on the subject.

These fake-out raw chicken breasts were the last straw:

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To be fair, this is how we're feeling in 2020:


Keep the forks away—you're not really cake:


Now we don't know what to think:


Honestly, not the worst problem to have:

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Even these amazing-looking wings can't be trusted:


But Baja Blast would never betray us!

We'd rather be asked if we were winning:


Even less relevant than the murder hornets:


But… we thought we could at least trust cakes to be cakes?

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