It's "Time to Shine" with the "Victorious" Video Game on Kinect

We caught up with the Victorious stars a couple weeks ago to talk about the latest Victorious updates. Click here to check it out if you already haven't.

The cast did their first official table read for the third season of Nickelodeon's Victorious and from the sound of it, our favorite Hollywood Arts talents are having a blast getting back into their characters and talking about what season three has in store.

"Getting ready for our 1ST TABLE READ of the new season of Victorious!!! Wish I could take you guys with me in my pocket. So excited!!! Xo ♥" tweeted Ariana Grande.

Victoria Justice also tweeted about her excitement and her trendy accessory: "1st @Victorious table read of Season 3! I'm wearing a new feather earring w/ a rattlesnake bone attached 2 it."

Sounds like Season 3 is going to be hilarious! To hold us over until then, we can play the 'Victorious" video game called "Time to Shine," which will be released in stores on November 15.

The XBox 360 Kinect video game lets you be a Hollywood Arts student where you can direct, act, play music, dance, and sing.

Check out this ad that features the Victorious song "Freak the Freak Out" to get a sample of the kind of cool features the site has!