What You Should Definitely Know About Model, Cheerleader and Actress Ivy Anderson

We think Australian actress, model and cheerleader Ivy Anderson is about to make a big splash.

As we eagerly await her appearance in To the Beat! Back 2 School alongside Jayden Bartels and Jake Brennan, we've decided we should really get to know Ivy. Keep reading to uncover everything you wanted to know about her.

Ivy Anderson Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo Credit: Elsa Dillon)

Full Name: Ivy Mae Anderson

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Birthday: October 27

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Fun Facts:

1. Ivy says she couldn't live without Fenty Gloss Bomb.

2. Her best school subject is history, while her worst is Japanese.

"It's my first year having to do Japanese after learning Chinese my whole life."

-Ivy Anderson

3. Taylor Swift is her favorite musician of all time.

4. Her favorite animal is the mountain lion.

"They're a symbol of strength and courage, and are natural leaders with great instincts."

-Ivy Anderson

5. Ivy likes to collect sand from the different beaches she's visited all around the world.

6. Her go-to Starbucks drink is their hibiscus tea.

7. Her dream vacation is one that never ends.

8. She considers root beer floats her greatest guilty pleasure.

9. The most important life lesson she's learned in the last year is an important one.

"I'm happy with what I've got and I'm happy with what I've lost. Except for my right AirPod—I'm not happy I lost that."

-Ivy Anderson


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