Everything You Need to Know About Australian Pop Singer Izellah

Australian pop singer Izellah is going places.

Best known for her hit tracks "Treat You" and "Where Nobody Knows Me," Izellah's songs are catchy and fully empowering all at once, and it's no surprise they've captured the hearts of fans from around the world. Keep reading to find out everything you wanted to know about Izellah.


(Image courtesy of Izellah)

Name: Izellah Connelly

Hometown: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Birthday: Oct. 26

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

1. Izellah's favorite way to unwind after a tough day is singing in a warm shower.

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2. She says the most important thing she's learned in the last year is that when you work at something, you can achieve it—and lists her school work as one primary example.

3. Her biggest pet peeve is when people yawn without covering their mouths.

4. She'd picked Marvel over DC any day.

"I'm obsessed with Spider-Man!"


5. She considers her greatest guilty pleasure to be hot chocolate topped with a lot of whipped cream.

6. Her favorite fan encounter shows just how much of an impact she has around the globe.

"When I performed at Universal Studios Japan, a couple of my fans gave me amazing photos of my performances."


7. If she weren't a musical artist, her dream job would be swimming with dolphins.

8. She says she cannot get enough of Hayley and Annie LeBlanc's Bratayley channel.

9. Her most-used emoji is the adorable teddy bear.

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10. She currently cannot stop listening to "Señorita" by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.


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