Jack Griffo Speaks About Playing Max Thunderman!

Jack Griffo stars as Max Thunderman in the new Nickelodeon show The Thundermans, about a superhero family trying to live a normal life!Jack Griffo

We spoke with Jack Griffo all about the new show and why comedy fans of all ages are loving it!

"I grew up in Florida and watched my brothers do theatre in high school," Jack said. "I watched them do shows every week, and it inspired me to want to act too."

Previously, Jack did co-starring and guest roles on shows including Kickin' It and Jessie, and well as a reoccurring role on See Dad Run. Most notably, he recently nabbed the role as Max Thunderman on The Thundermans!

"Max is the black sheep in the family," Jack said. "He wants to be different from his family. They want to be super heroes, so we wants to be a super villain."

Jack explained that being a rebellious teenager in such a strong-willed family encourages Max's desire to be "evil."

"Max does evil things because he needs to be set apart," Jack explained. "He wants to go against the grain and be different, not necessarily because he's a bad person."

Max's superpowers include telekinesis, ice and heat breath, super speed, and super intelligence. If Jack could pick his own superpowers, he'd take his cue from Max's little sister, Nora.

"I think that Nora's laser vision is really cool," Jack said. "I'd also want x-ray vision and invisibility."

Jack told us that playing Max is a lot of fun because he is so different from his character.

"I'm not the biggest stickler but I'm definitely not the bad boy," Jack said. "I never really got into trouble. I got detention like once."

Max even has his own evil lair in the basement. The lair is complete with the former super villain, Dr. Colosso, who has now been turned into a rabbit and resides in a cage in Max's room.

Jack has also had a lot of fun filming scenes including a snowball fight, co-star Kira Kosarin's getting slimed, and a scene in which Max rigs up a smoothie machine to explode on the school principal!

"It was so funny," Jack said. "We had this stunt person, and when the machine blew up he literally flew across the quad."

Max Griffo's show, The Thundermans airs Saturday nights on Nickelodeon!

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