15 Lyrics From Jack Harlow's Come Home the Kids Miss You As Instagram Captions

If you've been streaming Jack Harlow's "First Class" non-stop, we are right there with you.

Not only did the music video drop today, but his entire album, Come Home the Kids Miss You, did, too! We've already listened to all 15 songs and love each and every second on the record. With collabs featuring Drake, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne and more, this album has already proven to be incredible. If you feel like showing off your support for Jack Harlow and Come Home the Kids Miss You, use one of these lyrics from the album as your next Instagram caption!

For when you're with your two besties:

"Tryna be next to me, but I give 'em destiny's child."

-"Talk Of The Town"


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For when you're showing off a sleek new outfit:

"You can find my namе besides 'Smooth' in the thеsaurus."

-"Young Harleezy"


For when you're running in a race:

"You know you a star, that's why they cheering all for you."

-"I'd Do Anything to Make You Smile"


For when you're showing off your designer bag:

"You don't need Givenchy, you need Jesus."

-"First Class"


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For when you're acting like the main character:

"Got a main character, but you could be an extra."

-"Dua Lipa"


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For when you're at the gym:

"I don't need nobody searchin' for my body. Especially when I'm workin' on my body."

-"Side Piece"


For when you let everyone know about your latest achievement:

"I'm done fakin' humble, actin' like I ain't conceited."

-"Movie Star"


For when you and your partner are being lovey-dovey:

"I don't never get sick of you. And that right there is a sure sign you'rе mine."

-"Lil Secret"


For when you're showcasing your adorable dimples:

"Show me that smile, I like them lil' dimples."

-"I Got A Shot"


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For when you snap a pic with one of your role models:

"But it's really hard to crack jokes when you really want advice. I mean what's it like to touch gold every time you touch a mic."

-"Churchill Downs"


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For when you're working hard:

"I ain't tryna keep you low, but this is high stakes."

-"Like a Blade of Grass"


For when you're feeling blessed:

"Looking 'round, it's hard to believe where I'm at."

-"Parent Trap"


For when you're showing off your makeup look:

"Girl, you're poison, poison, poison, poison. But the good kind."



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For when your outfit looks stellar:

"And I'm not no fashionista, but I'm fly though."

-"Nail Tech"


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For when you're in a field of flowers:

"I want respect, I don't want flowers."

-"State Fair"


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