12-year-old actor Jackson Brundage has acted since he was 5 years old, appearing in hit shows including One Tree Hill. Now, he’s a star in Nick At Nite‘s See Dad Run!

Jackson worked on CW drama One Tree Hill for five years.

“It was amazing working on OTH,” Jackson said.  “I got to work with truly great actors and crew members. We were like a family.”

Jackson said the One Tree Hill cast were a really lively bunch, constantly laughing, dancing, and joking around.

“When the show ended it was sad because we all had worked together for so long,” Jackson said. “It was a great show that had a long run and I do miss it.”

Around the time that One Tree Hill wrapped up, See Dad Run started filming.

“I have been hard at work on See Dad Run since February 2012,” Jackson said.

Jackson Brundage stars in See Dad Run

Jackson said that the filming of See Dad Run’s first season went by so fast it was “crazy!!!”

“It has been an awesome experience on See Dad Run because it is in a different production format than OTH.”

See Dad Run is a multi-camera comedy. Jackson admitted he is a huge fan of comedy.

“You can only imagine what our weeks are like when rehearsing and filming a comedy show,” Jackson said. “Sometimes we laugh so much it’s hard to control ourselves and get through our work. It is great fun all the time!”

Jackson Brundage said that, just like on the set of One Tree Hill, Jackson has become part of a big happy family on the set of See Dad Run.

“When you spend every day with a group of people how could it not be?” Jackson asked. “I’ve enjoyed all the opportunities when my character Joe gets to do a lot of physical comedy.”

Jackson Brundage said he’s not much like his See Dad Run character, Joe.

“He is a bit quirky, doesn’t really fit in and is always trying to find his place… but really wants to be cool,” Jackson explained. “When Joe tries to be cool it makes him look more nerdy.”

Most of all, Joe really looks up to his father, David, played by Scott Baio. He wants to be just like his dad.

Just like his character, Jackson thinks working with Scott Baio has been an amazing experience.

“Working with Scott is so awesome,” Jackson said. “He is really funny and supportive of everyone. It’s great to work with someone who started in the business when he was young also, so he understands what we kids have to go through with work and school.”

Jackson Brundage also learns from Scott Baio when it comes to comedic timing and improvisation.

The cast and crew started filming the second season of See Dad Run in March. They’ve already filmed the 10th episode!

“Without giving anything away, you can expect a lot more laughs for sure,” Jackson said of the second season. “David now feels like he is really getting the hang of being a stay-at-home dad, but he continues to hit bumps in the road.”

Jackson also hinted that there are a lot of great guest stars to look forward to in the upcoming season!

If Jackson could pick a guest star for See Dad Run, Jackson said he would probably pick Jackie Chan.

“Maybe he could some on and teach Joe martial arts and stunts in hopes that Joe would feel more cool!” he said.

“Because I love comedy so much, I would love to work with someone like Chris Tucker, Chris Rock… the real funny guys,” Jackson explained. “I’m a huge Jackie Chan fan. Love all the Rush Hour movies.”

Jackson said he doesn’t have a dream role, but would love to continue to do more comedies.

“My advice to other aspiring kid actors… I would say just be yourself,” Jackson said. “Your personality and professionalism off-camera are what really show people who you are.”

Catch Jackson on See Dad Run on Nick at Nite Sundays and Mondays!