Jackson Brundage Talks See Dad Run Season 2!

The second season of the Nick at Nite comedy series See Dad Run premieres Sunday at 8pm! We recently chatted with See Dad Run star Jackson Brundage about his experience on the show, and what it's like to be part of a TV family!Jackson Brundage

See Dad Run is a show about the family of a former television actor and current stay-at-home dad named David Hobbs.

"He was on a show for ten seasons, and he was never really home and he never really took care of the kids because he was so caught up in his work," Jackson explained. "When the show has ended, and he's back as a stay-at-home dad, he doesn't really know what to do."

Jackson Brundage plays the role of Joe Hobbs, David's son.

"Joe is a dork," Jackson said. "He's a nerd but he's hilarious."

Jackson described Joe as living in his own bubble. He's an intelligent kid who is really into collecting rocks, and frequently makes off-the-wall comments that make everyone wonder what he's talking about.

"He has friends, but it's hard for him to make friends," Jackson said. "He's just by himself, and he's good by himself!"

Jackson told us he's quite different from his character Joe.

"Well he likes to play sports but he's not very good at it," Jackson said. "I love to play sports, and I have to say I'm pretty good. I play basketball and football."

Jackson loves to play street football with his friends. He's also a skateboarder.

In See Dad Run, Joe has two sisters, Emily and Janie, played by Ryan Newman and Bailey Michelle Brown.

"Emily's the snooty one," Jackson said. "She just likes to be alone. She's in that teenage phase where she's like 'get away!'"

"But Janie, she's really nice," Jackson said. "She's a sweet little girl and she plays around with her monkey and she's still in that phase with the stuffed animals and stuff."

Like his character Joe, Jackson is also a middle child in real life.

"It's good being the middle child and it's bad being the middle child," Jackson said. "It's bad that my sister picks on me, and then my little brother, he's smaller, he'll just like punch me. But it doesn't hurt!"

But being the middle child is also a positive experience for Jackson. See Dad Run shows how the sibling experience can be good for everyone involved.

"We're a good three kids and we love each other and stuff like that," he said.

Which of Jackson's parents give him better advice on life? Jackson couldn't pick.

"They're both great at giving advice and stuff and are both great at telling us what to do," Jackson said.

The second season of See Dad Run starts Sunday, September 8th at 8pm!

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