Jackson Guthy Chats Bandlife Tour + Young & Single!

Jackson Guthy is a singer-songwriter who has opened for acts including Big Time Rush and One Direction. He recently went on the Bandlife tour with Emblem3, and his new single, "Young & Single" is out now!Jackson Guthy Bandlife

We followed up recently with Jackson after interviewing him last summer to chat all about his current tour and his upcoming musical releases!

Jackson told us that he started playing the piano when he was about 7.

"My sister switched from piano to tennis so I took over her lessons," he explained. "I played a mean Gingerbread Man."

When Jackson turned 13, he began his life as a songwriter.

"I started writing my own music about things like love, cuz clearly I was an expert," he joked. "They were mainly songs about my mom and my family. But they were good."

Jackson has since developed immensely as a writer and risen to game. His success has come in part thanks to continued support from television personality Ellen DeGeneres.

"It's amazing," Jackson said. "I know how lucky I am to have an opportunity to work with Ellen and her support means so much to me."

Most recently, Jackson Guthy has been out on the Bandlife Tour with Emblem3!

"Those guys are awesome. Really cool," he said. "And the fans are awesome and screaming every night. I love my fans so much –  it's so cool to be on stage and hear them singing along with me."

After the tour ended on March 15, fans have great new music from Jackson to listen to!

"My single comes out end of March," Jackson said. "It's called 'Young & Single,' but we've been working on some lyric videos and acoustic sessions that I'll put out in the next month."

Jackson has been performing "Young & Single" on the Bandlife Tour and so far the fans are obsessed with the track! It released earlier this week on iTunes!

"Everyone loves it and is singing along by the end so I'm really excited and I think everyone will really like it," he said.

Jackson's adorable bulldog, Cruz, has also been tagging along with Jackson on tour.

"Cruz is the hottest guy on this tour," he said. "He gets all the ladies."

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