Jackson Harris On Sharks & Vampires and Touring!

Jackson Harris's new EP Sharks & Vampires released earlier this week, and he's about to set out on tour with Cher Lloyd and Fifth Harmony!Jackson Harris

We recently spoke with Jackson all about what touring has in store for him and to learn all about his latest musical release!

Jackson Harris's tour with Cher Lloyd begins on March 18 and ends on April 6!

"Touring with Cher is going to be a crazy experience!" Jackson said. "This will be one of my first full length tours and I am honored to open for such a talented woman. I was a huge fan of hers when she started on the X Factor and it is a dream come true to go on tour with such an awesome artist."

He will also be performing a number of shows with X Factor alumni Fifth Harmony starting at the end of the month!

His latest EP, Sharks & Vampires, released on February 11. It is the biggest collection of original songs that Jackson has ever released.

"Cover songs are easy for me, but putting out original music is both scary and exhilarating!" he said. "Fans can expect brand new songs that help explain who I am and what I have been working towards musically."

He hopes that fans will be able to connect to each new song.

"Every track was written from a very emotional and honest place," he said.

Jackson's latest single is a song called "Miss Me." The track was inspired by Jackson's ex-girlfriend.

"I was truly in love for the first time in my life," Jackson explained. "Over time she fell out of love with me and it broke my heart, so I wanted to write a song about those feelings. It's my most vulnerable song on the EP."

But Jackson's openness has paid off, and it's one of the most beloved songs off Jackson's new EP.

"When I started to share the song, it really resonated with listeners," he said.

"Miss Me" also has an incredible new music video. Jackson said it was an emotional day of filming on the set of the video.

"I had to dive into that sadness of losing a true love," he explained. "I was very lucky to have an amazing team with me to shoot and produce the music video, and I am so grateful and thankful for them. Monique, the actress in the video, was outstanding and she really allowed me to open up and express myself on camera."

Jackson's unique musical style is inspired by a number of different artist across many genres.

"The Beatles, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, OneRepublic, John Mayer, Jay-Z ,Maroon 5, Coldplay, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Bruno Mars, Kanye West, Willie Nelson, P!nk, Drake, U2, Adele…and many more," he listed. "Too many to name."

We asked Jackson where he came up with a title like Sharks & Vampires for his new set of songs.

"My inspiration for the title came from a combination of pop-culture and the music/entertainment business itself," Jackson said. "It seems like every other day there is a new Vampire movie, TV series or book, and every other week is Shark Week."

Jackson wanted to play with the ideas of sharks and vampires of cultural phenomena and reflect on how they can convey real emotions and concepts.

"Plus, I've learned the entertainment business can be a tough and scary place full of people who aren't on your side," Jackson said. "Some can be called sharks, some will try and feed off your success, but in the end you need to fight back and triumph over the negativity."

We're so excited to see where Jackson's music will take him next and to see him on tour with Cher Lloyd and Fifth Harmony! For even more on Jackson Harris, check out his social pages below, and be sure to join us at Sweety High!