PREMIERE: How Jackson Wooten's 'Morning' Is a Love Song to His Favorite Part of the Day

With his warm voice and soothing, contemplative approach to songwriting, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jackson Wooten has a sound all his own, and if you're not already a fan, it's time you changed that.

This week happens to be the perfect time to fall in love with Jackson, too, because his new EP, From a Warm Valley, is out this Friday, Nov. 4, featuring four chill tracks that will instantly pull you into your happy place. If you can't wait to hear it, you're in luck, because we're premiering the final single, "Morning," right here on Sweety High!

The track, featuring Molly Parden, begins with gentle acoustic guitars that feel like waking up bright and early and stepping out into the sun's golden glow, before ephemeral instrumentation kicks in and transforms the vibe into something out of a dream. It's a song about the beauty of the day that you miss when you sleep in, and we got the chance to ask Jackson all about it. Check out the song here before you can hear it anywhere else, and keep scrolling to learn what Jackson had to say about it.

The Story Behind 'Morning'

Jackson Wooten: "Morning" is a love song written for my favorite part of my day—when everything is peaceful and slow. I was working part-time as a waiter at a brunch restaurant, so I was waking up super early every day. I grew a sweet appreciation for the stillness of mornings. I began to find routines that would give me peace and contentment—making coffee, snuggling my cat Leo, writing in a journal. It became the most important part of every day—something I looked forward to.


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What 'Morning' Means

JW: It's all about taking the time to be present in your life. It's a reminder to find joy in the little things that bring us joy. It's important to cherish those things and those moments. I guess it's an extension of practicing gratitude.

I hope when people listen to the song, they slow down and find their inner peace before starting the day.

Jackson Wooten in the woods

(Image courtesy of Jackson Wooten)


On the Collab With Molly Parden

JW: Molly Parden has such an incredible voice and presence. Her voice expresses exactly what I wanted for the song—it's calming yet carries the weight of some deeper emotions.

Jackson Wooten Morning Black and White art

(Image courtesy of Jackson Wooten)


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Jackson's Favorite Lyric

JW: This is a tough one because I love the lyrics in this song. They're so visual. I guess I'll pick the 1st verse.

"We're swimming in the morning sun and the gold light's painted on your face like your favorite Van Gogh."

I love the scene that's created in it. I envision the morning light pouring into the living room and engulfing us—like you can touch the light and swim in it.

JAckson wooten morning golden press image

(Image courtesy of Jackson Wooten)


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