The New Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes Are Coming This Month

Get your brushes out and ready.

Jaclyn Hill teased her latest collaboration with Morphe Brushes this weekend, and its launch date is fast approaching.

The makeup artist-slash-YouTuber has had a major fan base for years now, but that became even truer after she launched the original Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette last year. Makeup lovers have been wanting more ever since, and thanks to Hill, we know we'll be getting it on June 26. She shared a video via Instagram on June 9 that showcases her new Morphe eyeshadow palettes in all their colorful glory.


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The palettes themselves only make brief appearances, but the video gives us a good sense of what to expect. The overall vibe of the promo is very much all about glamour, and Hill herself is featured with some gorgeous eye looks. As we can see, the new 10-pan palettes are smaller than the 35-pan palette she debuted last year, but they still look beautiful and usable.

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palettes

(via Instagram / @jaclynhill)

There's no word yet on price, but Morphe is known for being pretty affordable.

Needless to say, we've got June 26 circled on our calendar.


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