Everything You Need to Know About Flighthouse CEO Jacob Pace

Meet Jacob Pace, the 19-year-old CEO of Flighthouse on Musical.ly.

We always look forward to Flighthouse's amazing music edits—but we're even more excited that they're launching new original content starting this Wednesday, July 11! Be sure to follow their YouTube channel and get to know Jacob below.

#MCM Jacob Pace

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Full Name: Jacob Pace

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Birthday: Sept. 6

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. He actually began his career by acting first.

"I did acting for about five years. I actually came out to L.A. for the first time when I was 12 to audition for a theatrical agent. He wanted to work with me but my family felt it would've been a lot to move everything to Los Angeles. I'm glad I ended up in a position in the same industry being able to work with all the same kinds of people. I couldn't ask for anything more than this."

–Jacob Pace

2. His all-time favorite clothing store is Urban Outfitters.

"They have a lot of different types of clothes and some pretty cool picks. My two favorite brands right now are Vans and Adidas."

–Jacob Pace

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3. He always starts his morning with a Vanilla Venti Iced Coffee with half-and-half from Starbucks.

4. He really looks up to his parents who have been a constant support in his life.

"Instead of asking for money to go to the mall or the movies, I'd ask my parents to borrow money to pay graphic designers for logos for my businesses."

–Jacob Pace

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5. He keeps a notebook of all his goals, life principles and ideas.

"I try to reference it on a weekly basis. Truth be told, some stuff I write changes within a few months, but for the most part it revolves around my principles of working hard, being passionate about what you're working on and staying positive despite facing adversity or challenges."

–Jacob Pace

6. He's always out here grinding. The most important thing he has learned in the past year is that hard work and consistency pay off.

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7. At some point, he would love to relearn Spanish.

"I used to speak a lot of it when I was younger because of my heritage. The more new people I meet, the more I realize knowing more than one language is such a benefit. It teaches you more about the culture and it's amazing."

–Jacob Pace


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