Jacob Whitesides Reveals Which Song from His Debut Album Why? Is 'Extra Special'

After releasing a few EPs and some singles, Jacob Whitesides has made all our dreams come true by dropping his debut album Why? today.

We've already listened to it about a billion times, because it's that good. We're sure you've all done, or are currently doing the same.

We chatted with Jacob all about the album to discover the emotions he felt while working on it and the one song off the record that means the most to him.

Jacob told Sweety High that he spent countless hours writing and recording to make sure he was able to put out the best record possible for his fans.

When asked how he would sum up the album in one emoji, Jacob went for the solid choice of ????, because "a lot of love went into the making of it and it's very beloved."

But there's one song in particular that Jacob noted he has a little love for above the rest.

" 'You Told Me So' is my favorite song off my debut album. It's extra special to me because I wrote a majority of the song by myself," he shared.

We have to admit that "You Told Me So" is one of the songs we immediately fell in love with when we listened to it for the first time.

He just finished his Lovesick Tour in July, but we need him to go on tour again now that he's released his new album.


His stellar jams aren't the only reason we love Jacob, discover the endless amount of things we can't get enough of from this cutie HERE.