How to Use a Jade Roller (and How You'll Benefit From It)

By now you've probably seen a peculiar-looking green stone rolling device pop up on your Instagram feeds—the jade roller.

And while this might seem like a new-age fad, the jade roller and the tradition behind it go back thousands of years to 7th Century China.

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So what exactly does the jade roller do? This paint roller-looking tool made out of jade helps decrease puffiness and reduce under eye circles—perfect for after a late night study sesh or a teary-eyed night caused by a breakup.

It sounds too good be to true, but it's really a little miracle worker that calms and soothes. In addition to the superficial benefits, jade rollers also help with lymphatic drainage and sinus issues, loosening up your sinuses and helping your overall facial circulation. This helps take pressure away from around the eyes and nose and drain them into the proper channels.

Now that we have you itching to buy one of these tools, here's how you use it: The most important thing to remember is to massage gently and only go in upward motions. You don't need to apply tons of pressure in order to reap the benefits.

First, wash your face and apply an oil or serum before jade rolling. The jade roller actually helps your skincare products penetrate your skin's surface better, so you get even more of the benefits. Apply the jade roller directly to your face and start with upward rolls from your chin to your ear. Roll about three to four times in upward motions for each section. Next, move up to the nose area and do the same motion out to your ears. You can also use the small end to go gently roll over your under eyes, eyelids and brows.

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For the forehead, go in upward motions from your brows to your hair line, pushing the roller up. And voila, you've successfully jade-rolled! It's safe to do this everyday, but realistically it's best to do this a few times a week. And here's a tip: Store your jade roller in your refrigerator so it's nice and cool when you apply it to the skin.


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