Jake Miller Reveals the Craziest Thing That's Happened to Him on Tour

Next week is a big one for Jake Miller!

The crooning pop cutie, who recently released his 2:00am in LA album, kicks off his Back to the Start Tour at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on Wed., Sept. 6—and of course Sweety High will be in tow.

Leading up to the evening—which features special guests The Stolen and Pop! Fiction—we chatted with the "Overnight" singer, who revealed some very interesting details about his typical life on tour.

"Whenever I see people with my lyrics tatted on their bodies, that's pretty crazy to me," he says. "After getting my own tattoo, I see how much thought goes into each tattoo. For so long, I thought about what to get that would still be meaningful to me in 50 years. So if people look at my lyrics that way, that's really special."

When it comes to being on his tour bus, the experience includes "a lot of loud music to pump us up followed by a quick workout sesh on the bus before going on stage," he says. "After the show, we head back on the bus to edit videos, wind down, shower and celebrate a good show."

And although we, personally, are stoked to see Jake hit the stage in the City of Angels, he says he doesn't have a favorite touring town.

"I love every city," he says. "Just being able to travel is a blessing. It doesn't matter how many people come out, as long as the energy is there."

Get ready, Millertary!


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