WATCH: Jake Miller Wants To Show You Around His Hometown

Jake Miller has been teasing all of us with his tweets about the new music he will be releasing soon. Just yesterday, he shared with all his Twitter followers that he will not be rapping in any of his new songs, rather he's just going to be singing with his sweet, angelic voice for all of us to hear. We love when artists aren't afraid to experiment with their sound and we have a strong intuition that Jake's new music is going to blow the world away. Sorry to get all sentimental on you, but we've been close with Jake for quite some time now, so we'll never stop supporting anything he does. Let's throw it back to the time our host Alex Schiffman visited Florida to have Jake show her around his hometown. Obviously this video is goals. WATCH NOW!

We hung out with Jake while he filmed his music video for "First Flight Home" and caught plenty of behind-the-scenes action. WATCH HERE!